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Polar Tech Thermo Insulated Shipper product image


EmmChill SF14A Insulated Shipping Cooler product image


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Hango Insulated Cooler Set Sizes product image


Foil Insulated Box Liners 11 product image


EmmChill SF17A Insulated Shipping Cooler product image


Polar Tech 266C Insulated Shipper product image


Polar Tech 227C Insulated Shipper product image

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Since 2009.  My quality is frequently imitated. Never duplicated.
- Kelly Lester

(By Rachel of Following in her Shoes) -- "I needed to buy additional  EasyLunchboxes ... we were down to just a few thanks to kids losing them, breaking a couple of, and a mishap in which Mama inadvertently drove more than one! I have utilized these boxes for almost three decades now and they truly are the easiest boxes! BUT -- oh, my word -- there are SO MANY COUNTERFEIT COPIES around Amazon! You guys!! Please make certain you are getting the first ones which Kelly has worked tirelessly to develop -- look for your EasyLunchboxes emblem,  and avoid the firms selling the fake or copy ones! You'll be disappointed at the quality (not to mention supporting someone attempting to fool people who have a copycat product).

Perfect for college, work, or travel      •  sized right for kids and grownups    •    no more BPA, phthalates, lead, pvc, or plastic    •  containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Oh, and they're fun.

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