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Amy Lewis Bear


Welcome to my Website. My name is Amy Lewis Bear and I am a psychotherapist in Atlanta. The abuse I experienced in my first adult relationships persuaded me to return to graduate school and become a psychotherapist. My passion is helping people who have been with manipulative, and abusive folks in relationships. After years of assisting women and men through the strain of troubled relationships, I composed a book that empowers people work towards healing, protect themselves, and also to understand the concealed nature of psychological abuse. My novel is exceptional as it contains definitions which assist victims recognize victims contribute to their misery and recognize the subtleties and intricacies of abuse and almost 100 phrases.

You may reach me in or visit I am a Distance Credentialed Counselor and provide video therapy sessions if you are in need of therapy. Go to:

you may read my blog on Psychology Today, From Charm to Harm, by going to:

Thanks for your interest.

Wishing you all the top -

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Carol A Lambert MSW

Carol A. Lambert, MSW, a psychotherapist and specialist in intimate partner abuse, focuses on girls with controlling spouses and recovery.

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Denise Kindschi Gosselin

Denise Kindschi Gosselin is currently a Professor in the Criminal Justice and Sociology Department at Western New England University. Dr. Gosselin is the author of Crime and Mental Diseases: The Criminal Justice Response (West Academic, 2017); Heavy Hands: An Introduction to the Crimes of Family Violence, currently in its 5th edition (Prentice Hall, 2014) and Smart Talk: Contemporary Interviewing and Interrogation (Prentice Hall, 2007).

Denise is a retired Trooper in the Massachusetts State Police, having served as a freelancer in major crimes for several decades. She is active at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and served to the Executive Board in June. Denise is a past president of member of the Society of Criminology and the Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice.

Denise likes to travel and was an invited speaker at several universities and colleges; presentations include West Point Military Academy, the Massachusetts State Police Academy, and the United Nations Congress on Crime in Brazil. She has appeared on the nationally televised "America's Most Famous" where among her cases was profiled along with the perpetrator captured. She has been known for contributions and service .

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Leah Lakshmi Piepzna Samarasinha

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha is performer and a disabled femme writer of Burgher/Tamil Sri Lankan and Irish/Roma ascent. The writer of the acclaimed memoir Dirty River, the Lambda Award-winning poetry book Love Cake and Consensual Genocide, and co-editor of The Revolution Begins At Home: Dramatic Intimate Violence in Activist Communities, her writing is also widely anthologized She's your co-founder of Mangos With Chili, North America's touring queer and trans people of color cabaret, and is a lead artist with the handicap justice incubator Sins Invalid.

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Michael V. Kennedy

Michael V. Kennedy was born in New Jersey and began writing at a young age, producing two 150+ webpage juvenile mysteries by now he was twelve. He also holds a PhD in History from Lehigh University and has taught and published historical works for a range of years. Recent literary pursuits comprise his "Paul Blaine, Covert Agent" series of corrective adventure and humor as well as the Dix Franklin books, "The Maltese Fall Guy", "Writers Cramped" and "If We Only Had The Brain" set in late 1940s San Francisco.

Kennedy utilizes historical events and recent global political circumstances and struggles to anchor his funny tales.

The "Paul Blaine" series contains stories regarding theft of military secrets, terrorist actions and anxiety with North Korea, all completed in a humorous vein. "The Maltese Fall Guy" is place in San Francisco, '' post-World War II, and revolves around Communist attempts to kidnap a nuclear scientist. Funny stuff, indeed.

Among his former students, misquoting Edmund Burke, once wrote, "He who doesn't know History is dumb to replicate it." While the quote is incorrect, Kennedy agrees. BUT, if you discover humor in current or historical events situations, repeat away. People today make people and history are funny.

As long as there is history (and he's got a long time), Kennedy intends to continue writing funny works with history at heart.

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