The Best Iodine Brewing - December 2020

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Top Iodine Brewing Brands

John J. Palmer

John Palmer has been born and raised in Midland, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan Tech University. After 20+ years in aerospace and health care devices, he now serves as Publications Director for the Master Brewers Association of the Americas. Speaking on his achievement in life in general, he credits three critically important parts of information that he got from among his teachers as well as his father:
1. Matters are only boring before you learn something about it. Knowledge makes things more interesting. (Dr. Richard Hoy - that they were talking his lack of attention in History in the time)
2. Religion and Virtue are more rewarded. (constantly uttered by his P-Chem prof, Dr. Leslie Leifer, likely with regard to improving the courses research habits, but nevertheless...).
3. Always say "Thank You". (Joseph Palmer)

No Where or Today Here - Think about it.

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Colin Kaminski

Whilst dating a girl from UC Davis with a degree in fermentation science, brewing was found by Colin Kaminski. Kaminski implemented and was hired as a product designer at Beer, Beer and More Beer. While there, he also designed over 180 products such as their Peltier chilled fermentor. Back in 2003 he became the master brewer at Downtown Joe’s Brewery and since a 1 man department's mind has brewed more than 1100 batches as of 2015. Colin has written on a variety of topics including lutherie, holography, solar beer and astronomy. He had been given the Year Award for his BYO article's Beer Writers Guild Feature & #x201c; Bring the Heat & #x201d;. He co-authored Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers in 2013 with The Way to Brew‘s John Palmer.

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