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Remembering Kanji Complete Japanese Characters product image


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Kanji Dictionary for Foreigners Learning Japanese 2500 N5 to N1 product image


Kanji Zero Techniques Integrated Workbook product image


Learning Japanese Kanji Practice Book product image


Japanese Kanji Beginners Levels Characters product image


Complete Guide Japanese Kanji Understanding product image


Dr Moku Kanji Flash Cards Learn Japanese Kanji Characters with Mnemonic Memory Tricks JLPT N5 product image


Kodansha Kanji Learners Dictionary Expanded product image


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Japanese Short Stories for Beginners 20 Captivating Short Stories to Learn Japanese Grow Your product image


Genki Plus Shinagawa Tokashiki Paperback product image

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Andrew Scott Conning

I made the kanji course because it was the type of tool I wished had been around when I was studying kanji myself. I genuinely hope that it's going to help you on your way into a more direct and profound comprehension of Japan and its people. To support your studies with the kanji course, I've created a writing training workbook ( /2dvKpFF), a wall chart ( /2dJ3ZB9), and also a series of graded studying sets ( I expect you will wind up the proprietor of the kit! ** I warmly invite you to use to track your improvement with the KLC, form study groups, ask questions, etc.. ** If you're working on dominating kana, please do take full benefit of my unpresuming The Ultimate Kana Wall Chart: A Visual Guide to Western Phonetic Writing ( /24vKorE). ** Connect with me asc349 [at] mail [dot] harvard [dot] edu. Thanks to your interest, and best wishes to the research.

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