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Anas Malla

My name is Anas and I have been studying to learn my life for over a decade. I have helped dozens of individuals find the secrets of existence which make them happy and satisfied.

I’m a bestseller writer & an entrepreneur running two successful companies. I feel tremendously blessed with the life that I live and that I believe that I achieved success in a variety of regions of my life. If you would like to understand more about me, it is advisable to visit my biography page.

The objective of Mastering Life website is to aid you on your way to achievement. Reading articles and books on this site, attending courses and implementing tips can significantly enhance your wellbeing. Not just you'll be generating additional money, but you'll also feel more happy and fulfilled with yourself.

Below are a few areas where Mastering Life together with me can help you:

- HEALTH - there's a reason why people say a healthy person is a happy individual. If you look better, then you'll feel better also. While you've got to get ready to make some effort yourself, diet plans and fitness advice that I found for you're the easiest means to attaining the looks you want in the shortest time possible.

- MONEY - whether people like it or not, money is among the things which run the world. We need it for success, however we also have to be pleased not just with the amount of money we are making but how we are making it. Industry tips and career guidance offered on Mastering Life site is going to teach you how you can increase your position at work and get your career on the perfect track.

- KNOWLEDGE - if you would like to improve your personality, it's extremely important to learn something new every day. Mastering Life offers you various interesting book materials for studying and reading, so it is possible to improve the regions of your life where you believe you need improvement.

- LIFESTYLE - would you truly lead the life that you want? You will find lots of a

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Hey Amazonians, Amazonites, Amazonistas (whatever you would like to get called). . .what's going on? My name is Jimmy Moore and I'm the dude behind the extremely popular online health site and podcast called "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb." About January 1, 2004, I was a morbidly obese 410-pound guy on a one-way ticket to an early tomb who chose to get back control of my health due to the Atkins diet just by going to lose 180 pounds that year coming off of three prescription medications. Even though it was not a simple road, I'm grateful I discovered the healthier low-carb lifestyle because it gave me my health and life back again.

As 2005 rolled around and people started to take notice of my really noticeable weight loss, they wanted to know how I did this. After likely telling my Atkins low-fat loss success story no less than a bazillion times, I finally said I'd create a blog to talk about it -- and thus I did at April 2005. Today, the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" website boasts 250,000 monthly subscribers and counting. In 2006 I became the sponsor of a few of the greatest layperson-led nutritional health podcasts on iTunes known as "The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show" featuring interviews with the top experts in the area of health, diet and wellness. That podcast broadcasts Mondays-Wednesdays has 700+ episodes also continues to attract new listeners in droves. I have two other podcasts--"Ask The Low-Carb Pros" and "Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends"--you might want to look out for as well!

These days I'm super-passionate about helping empower people just like you're responsible for your own health decisions and to stop abdicating that role into the so-called health specialists who may or might not be giving you great advice. Educate yourself and become the boss of your own body and health. You may discover more about everything is happening with me at Feel free to email me anytime at livinlowcarbma

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Hey it Is Jeremy Stone Canada, from Toronto!

Being a shift worker always struggling with eating I was always somewhat overweight. Nevertheless, it wasn't until one fateful day I was sitting at my doctor's office that everything changed.

That is when I understood that all the diets I tried before were not the response and I needed to stop listening to all of the "experts". I was actually dieting my solution to becoming obese.

Then it hit me. I neglected in each diet I attempted since it made me miserable. They set me up. I knew I had to try out something different. That is when I tried the Ketogenic Diet.

They key was constantly having food around to eat much when I was in the office. That is when I discovered Meal Prepping and made certain I didn't go back to my old habits.

A year after I lost 50 pounds employing exactly the very same methods that I share with my readers using recipes that not help you get rid of the pounds, but tastes good!

Don't make the exact mistakes I made. Eat food that provides you a body you love and a life that's really worth living!

To continued success and health,

Twitter: @JeremyStoneEats

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