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CONFIGURATION 1 Replacement Water Reservoir for Keurig B40 B41 B44 B45 B50 K40 K45 Brewing Systems product image

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"Keurig" is derived from the Dutch word for "Excellence", and that is Exactly What our company strives to achieve for every cup We All brew.     Founded in 1992, Keurig set out to reevaluate the coffee industry by providing a handy, easy, and tasty way to enjoy a cup of java.     Years of hard work finally led to our famous Keurig brewing program involving our innovative single-cup brewers and effective K-Cup pods.  

We've combined the disruptive innovation of a leading-edge technology company with the customer focus of a socially conscious, premium coffee firm. That combination produces the ultimate drink encounter, because:

We take a fresh approach to beverage-making, passionately considering all consumers deserve to drink for themselves.With using a button, so we enable customers to self-create high-quality beverages that personally satisfy any in-the-moment beverage desire, as well as those of the families and guests.

As a 21st century beverage company, we're rethinking everything. We're not only looking ahead, we're really defining it. We have blended the disruptive innovation of a leading-edge technology business with all the consumer-centricity of a socially-conscious packed goods company.

Considering in private decision, we've opened up our approach to other drink spouses, giving their brands a profitable new means to reach and delight their customers, as we can do ours.    

Private satisfaction requires understanding that you are a part of something great, so we've set tough sustainability goals made to ensure our strategy includes a net positive impact on the world.

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