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MOTOSafety - The Teen Driving Coach, is a small, easy-to-install GPS tracking device that tracks your adolescent's vehicle location and driving behavior. Developed with the aid of driving teachers and law-enforcement, MOTOSafety provides parents peace of mind when their young drivers hit the street.

Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Even the MOTOSafety GPS tracker helps parents trainer teens to enhance driving habits. Employing MOTOSafety you can:

  • Track your teen's whereabouts in real-time through a web-based system that employs a recognizable Google Maps interface. If they get lost, you can quickly identify their place and get them back on the right path.
  • Monitor and examine key safe driving activities like speeding, harsh braking and quick acceleration. The machine even emails you a daily motorist's report card that lets you know whether your teen driver is advancing.
  • Set up geofences (virtual bounds on a map) so you are able to tell when your adolescent enters and leaves key places like college, a friend's home or employment.
  • Playback the foundation of your teen's driving action for individual times showing where dangerous driving activities occur and the rates pushed. A terrific coaching tool.
  • Get alerts to your events that you wish to monitor - speeding, braking, acceleration or geofence action.
  • Track your adolescent even when you aren't in front of a PC using the MOTOSafety apps for Android along with iOS.  

Together with MOTOSafety, GPS tracking is as simple as plug and track since the system requires no setup and plugs directly into the OBD interface of your vehicle.

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