The Best Kids Rafts - January 2020

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Sieco Design AQUAVUE Voyager Inflatable product image


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Intex Explorer 2 Person Inflatable French product image


Swimline Giant Inflatable Swan Float product image


GoFloats Flamingo PartyTube Inflatable Adults product image


JOJO MALL Swimming Inflatable Inflates product image


Mother Inflatable Swimline Safety Swimming product image


Slaiya Swimming Inflatable Inflates Deflates product image


Delectable Gigantic Strawberry Swimming Inflatable product image


TopQPS Floaties Pool Inflatable Summer Large Relaxing product image


Mouthwatering Enormous Chocolate Swimming Inflatable product image

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At GoFloats, we design All of our rafts to combine fun and function.     That means our rafts seem great, and will also be constructed to be enjoyed time after time.     Many other inflatable companies use inexpensive, thin material that saves a Lot on price, but ends up becoming a 1 use thing.     We also invest the extra cash to utilize premium Quick Inflate valves that allow inflation and deflation times of well under 5 minutes, while other companies save a couple bucks by using the traditional valves which take 20+ minutes.     We do not know about you, but once we reach the water, we need immediate fun, not 25 minutes of blowing up a raft.     In GoFloats we additionally 100% stand behind our products, and we are quick to resolve any customer service issues that arrise.     After all, we're all about pleasure.     Today, Move Float Yourself!  

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