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StrengthTape Uncut Roll Kinesiology Tape product image


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Physix Gear Sport Kinesiology Illustrated product image


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TheraBand Kinesiology Waterproof XactStretch Application product image


FITOP Kinesiology Rolls Rainbow Colors product image


NITTO Medical Kinesiology NK 50 rolls product image


StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape 2 inch x 16 4 Foot Pre Cut Strips 2 Pack Pink product image


StrengthTape Precut Roll Kinesiology Tape product image


FlexU Kinesiology Flexibility Properties Therapeutic product image


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bonmedico Tapio Kinesiology Tape in Black for Injury Rehab 6 Rolls of Kinesiology Tape 2 X 6ft product image


StrengthTape Kinesiology Tape 2 inch x 16 4 Foot Uncut Roll 2 Pack Biege product image

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Physix Gear Sport

It's funny, only a couple months back, we had a dream. A fantasy to become different, to be specific...

To offer value, service, and very affordable products that are affordable...  That it is possible to fall in love with.

We cut no corners in bringing you a unique mix of service, quality, together with our private family touch.

Require our Gear for a twist.    

We promise you will not regret it!

The Noah Family :--RRB-

Physix Gear Sport USA

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TheraBand is the leading innovator and educator in rehabilitation, recovery, and workout. Backed by professionals and directed by specialist physical therapists and clinical study, TheraBand is committed to assisting people of all skills stay active and healthy.

TheraBand's easy, proven products help individuals become their greatest physical self by preventing and preventing injuries, prepping for bodily action, or even recovering from a difficult workout.

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