The Best Landscaping With Fruit - January 2021

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Leslie Bennett

Leslie Bennett and Stefani Bittner are co-founders of Star Apple Edible + Fine Gardening, a San Francisco Bay Area landscape design firm focusing on gardening. At Star Apple they bring together environmentally sound landscape fundamentals and small urban agriculture, working together with both ornamental and edible plants to make integrated landscapes. Go to

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Michael Judd

Michael Judd has worked throughout the Americas for nearly two years together with whole-system and agro-ecological layouts, focusing on applying environmental and permaculture design. His projects increase community wellbeing and food safety in both temperate and tropical growing areas. He is the creator of Ecologia Edible & Ecological Landscape Design and Project Bona Fide.

Michael lives with his wife, Ashley, in Frederick, Maryland, in which they are creating a permaculture homestead. They are constructing a round straw bale home and anticipating a baby ninja from the end of 2013.

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Emily Tepe

As a fresh fruit research associate in the University of Minnesota, also past mural artist and exhibit designer, Emily Tepe appears in the world with a sensible and eye. At the University of Minnesota she created an edible landscape demonstration garden in 2009, and has ever since been enthralled with the idea of growing food anywhere and everywhere. Her enthusiasm for crops, style, great meals, and the outdoors come together within her new book, The Edible Landscape (Voyageur Press, 2013). Emily currently divides her time between 2 ponds - Wyoming and Minnesota. She writes about fresh garden thoughts and fresh food on her blog,

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Christina Pfeiffer

My encounter with gardening dates straight back to the smells and sounds of raking leaves in the crisp autumn atmosphere of my Michigan youth. A large school horticulture course introduced me to the applied plant science as a profession. Educated in landscape horticulture at Michigan State University and the University of Washington, I've enjoyed a career working in public gardens, horticulture education, and arboriculture consulting that spans over 35 decades. Horticulture is my own vocation, hobby, and passion. For me personally, the top thing to gardening is teaching and writing about gardening. In this day and age, I feel that our chances to participate with plants in our daily lives are ever more important.
At "Pacific Northwest Gardening Month by Month", co-author Mary Robson and I share practical info on essential horticultural practices that are the key to success, regardless of what style backyard or climate zone. Sustainable and practical techniques for greater results with less effort would be the base of our strategy. This manner, the process of gardening becomes more of a pleasing journey, and not as of a battle. This book will take you.

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Rosalind Creasy

Rosalind Creasy is an award-winning backyard and food writerand landscape designer with a passion for beautiful vegetables and fruits along with the conviction that gardening must be an positive endeavor. Her first book, the bestselling "The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping," written in 1982, stood as the seminal book on the topic for over 25 decades. It was among the very first landscaping books provide gardening techniques with alternatives, encourage recycling, and to urge procedures. It functioned to move edibles from their former backyard existence into their yard's prominence. Considering that the publication’s book #x201c; #x201d edible landscaping &; is now a part of common jargon, and cultural.

An accomplished photographer, Ros was among the first to photograph the then-unknown heirloom tomatoes and melons, blue corn and potatoes, mesclun salad greens, along with edible flowers. She popularized these and other excellent, but little-known vegetables, in her 1988 book "Cooking In the Garden." Once again her writing broke new ground, introducing the American public to a vast new palette (and palate) of vegetables like candy cane striped ‘Chioggia’ beets; purple, pink, red, white, and yellow carrots; ‘Rosa Bianca’ eggplants, baby bok choi, ‘Rainbow’ chard, chipotle peppers, purple artichokes, and other culinary delights that started out in luxury restaurants and now are seen in farmers markets and home gardens across the nation.

Inspired by America's penchant for lawns, for its Previous twenty five years Ros has utilized her front garden to showcase a ever-changing screen of edible ornamentals from A to Z, such as ‘Pink Pearl’ apples, thornless blackberries, purple berry, Kaffir lime, variegated peppermint, and gold zucchini and in motifs as div

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