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Kristine K. Kershul

Kristine K. Kershul is passionate about languages. She blends her expertise as speech scholar, world traveler and a teacher to create a lively, innovative way to help you learn a language.

Her goods reflect her philosophy, "Anyone can learn a foreign language. It doesn't need to be difficult and it does not need to take you years. It is enjoyable and fits easily into your everyday routine." The 10 minutes each day® Series is intended to draw the magic of studying a new language into everybody.

Teacher ...

For a professional linguist, Kristine spent ten years teaching German in universities in the United States and Europe. Her years at the classroom taught her that most students were learning the language for personal enrichment, however, the traditional methods and their requirements were not fulfilling. From that experience, the teaching system was developed by Kristine.

World Traveler ...

An adventurous spirit, Kristine has researched more than a hundred countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, and virtually every exotic place in between. She knows the issues you'll experience as a traveler, regardless of which country you're visiting. She understands first-hand how languages may open doorways to distinct civilizations, new friends and new experiences.

Speech Scholar ...

Kristine finished her undergraduate and graduate research while living in Heidelberg, Germany. She afterwards, failed her Doctoral research in Medieval German Languages and Literature and then received a Master's Degree in the University of California in Santa Barbara.
With Kristine's fluency, it's no surprise to hear her conducting business in German, but you will also hear her on the telephone talking Spanish, French, Russian, Hebrew or Arabic.

A Colorful Background ...

Kristine's interest for langua

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Mark Frobose

Proceed into iTunes Today for Mark's "Language Guy® Podcast".

By listening to Language Guy® Podcast" on iTunes, you will learn Mark's amazing methods for Automatic Fluency™ and also receive free classes in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Russian with native speakers for free.

Mark Frobose, the Language Guy® has been an certified language instructor, bestselling foreign language writer, successful speech program founder, and founder of

As a young child, Mark was shackled by antiquated methods and non-fluent language instructors. From those humble linguistic beginnings, Mark proceeded to learn to speak seven languages fluently, and to earn advanced degrees and certificates from foreign and American universities where he studied and taught Romance languages such as French and Spanish.

Mark went on to be rated as a superb teacher by his language students in the University of Illinois. He made the entire foreign language audio line for Macmillan Audio of New York called "Behind the Wheel", and he's now the creator of, the country's leader in fast and easy to learn music language applications that are intended to teach languages everywhere.

Discover Languages Everywhere™ is still your motto of The Audiobooks® method is an powerful and versatile language learning system which may be used anywhere to teach folks to speak any language while at home or even on a smartphone! Designed especially for use while on the move, this hard, versatile and speedy method presents, challenges and reviews language learners to interact successfully in languages that are spoken from any place in order that they can learn to speak the languages of their fantasies during their otherwise wasted down time.

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