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Chasing Excellence A Story About Building the World s Fittest Athletes product image


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Learning Walk Barbara Brown Taylor product image


Breathe Again How to Live Well When Life Falls Apart product image


Little Steps Big Faith How the Science of Early Childhood Development Can Help You Grow Your product image


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You ll all be sorry when I figure out how to breathe Fire Cool Animated Design For Proud Red product image


Girl You Got This Learning How to Love product image


You ll all be sorry when I figure out how to breathe Fire Cool Animated Design For Proud Red product image

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As the world's largest producer of fire safety products, Kidde's assignment is to provide solutions that protect individuals and property from the effects of fire and its associated hazards. For more than 90 years business leaders, the military, airlines and firefighters have relied on Kidde to deliver superior fire detection and suppression. Consumers may realize the exact same innovative fire safety technology in Kidde's residential and commercial smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and other life safety products.

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Darrin Donnelly

Darrin Donnelly is a writer and entrepreneur. He and his goods have been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Fast Company Magazine, and newspapers, blogs, and radio outlets all around the world.

According to his twenty decades of experience as an entrepreneur, '' Donnelly believes that the most reliable and reliable tips for attaining your targets and improving your own life is found at the world of sport. Though the business guru often has an incentive to portray a particular brand image that may not be entirely accurate and also the self ace can be tempted to make claims which are too good to be true, the achiever in athletics can not fudge (or inherit) their outcomes.

Donnelly's SPORTS FOR THE SOUL series of books are inspirational tales that teach essential life lessons. From the world of sport, those tales are set from the tradition of classics like FIELD and ROCKY OF DREAMS and they represent anyone with a significant dream and the desire to be prosperous though the characters in these novels are athletes or coaches. Matches and the seasons that they survive represent the seasons of existence we need to all go through when attempting achieve a target, to master a new skill, or rebound from a setback.

The lessons that you learn in those books will explain to you how you can overcome adversity and reach your goals—anything they're.

Donnelly lives in Kansas City with his wife and three kids.

His site along with weekly column can be found at:

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