The Best Leather Padfolio Ring - June 2021

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Designer Portfolio Calculator Padfolio Interview product image


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Case Executive Zippered Removable PAD 40 product image


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Wundermax Portfolio Organizer Professional Interview product image


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Portfolio Professional Leather Binder Interview product image


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AtailorBird Padfolio PU Leather Zippered Portfolio Folder with Phone Stand Holder 3 Ring Binder product image


Toplive Portfolio Interview Conference Presentation product image


Padfolio Organizer Portfolio Notebook Documents product image


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Handmade Crazy Horse Leather 3 Ring Binder Portfolio Padfolio Folder with Zipper for Men and product image

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Case•it's a major manufacturer of professional and educational binders, file folders and binder accessories.

Professional Products: Case•it's been building professional products for your serious-minded small business person for years. Our professional products include our popular padfolios using a leather-styled look and texture in addition to our vintage and heavy duty binders and accessories made to withstand the rigors of an on-the-go lifestyle. Our professional line of merchandise has everything a hard-working small business person should get organized and get forward.

School Products: Case•it binders and teachers are available for pupils whether they are in elementary, middle school, high school, university or college or attending particular private schools.   Available in a broad selection of shades and styles, Case•that it binders are durable enough to withstand the rigors of college and styled to represent diverse tastes and needs.

Key features of our binders contain:

  • Kraft Board: Our kraft board is fabricated from wood pulp and is used where high durability is necessary. Kraft plank is more expensive than the industry standard PE plank
  • Dual-Rings: By having two types of rings, this special design allows you to store twice as far as a standard ring binder. In addition, we include patent pending hold-down webpages, which allow you to secure each aspect individually. This configuration can be found on Case•it is Dual-100 and Dual-500 binders.
  • Organizational Features:  5-tab document folders, pen cases, media pockets, plus an assortment of storage solutions.
  • Angled Zipper Gusset:   Our angled zipper gusset enables you to write freely without the gusset getting in your way.
  • Handle and Shoulder Strap:  Almos

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