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Hyperikon Dimmable Equivalent Medium Energy product image


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LUNO Dimmable Equivalent Neutral Certified product image


Sunco Lighting PACK Equivalent DIMMABLE product image


Hyperikon Dimmable equivalent Medium ENERGY product image


SELS Dimmable 50 Watt Equivalent Standard product image


Triangle Bulbs 50 Watt Dimmable certified product image


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Philips 426122 50 Watt AirFlux Dimmable product image


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SMART ERA LIGHTING SYSTEMS (SELS) was founded with the vision that LED lights necessary to become an inexpensive excellent product in order to turn into the new lighting standard to your conscientious consumer.

Replacing the incandescent bulb in residential and industrial environments is the best way to get LED lighting to make its mark in the ongoing effort to save energy in the 21st century.

SELS extensively researches LED products based on quality, lifespan, price, consumer benefit, societal influence, and environmentally-friendly manufacturers to produce their product line. SELS is pleased to provide a line of lighting products best designed for the user who appreciates high quality, sustainable lighting options to their home and company.

By choosing SELS brand energy efficient lighting alternatives, you begin to reduce your carbon footprint and create a difference on your surroundings now, for a considerably smarter tomorrow.

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