The Best Led Vs Cfl Light Bulbs - May 2020

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GE Lighting 85939 replacement 825 Lumen product image


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GE 96689 4 Pin Vertical Plug product image


GE Lighting 61355 replacement 1150 Lumen product image


TCP 28942H41K CFL Spring Lamp product image


TCP 68942ED CFL Spring Lamp product image


TCP 68923DL2 Mini Spring Lamp product image


GE Lighting 61164 replacement Floodlight product image


TCP 28968H41K CFL Spring Lamp product image


Sense Light Lights That Themselves product image

Top Led Vs Cfl Light Bulbs Brands

Saffron Lighting

Saffron was borne out of a compromise between a father and his child. She wanted to read during the night and he desired her to sleep. So Drift Light, an LED light bulb which reproduces the fade of a pond was awakened by him.

Today Saffron is all about making the world a brighter area,using efficient, LED lighting that is smart.

We're suckers for shape and we have a relationship.   We're into function. We create long-lasting LED light bulbs that cover themselves.

As soon as we say we construct intelligent lights, we mean that we're exploring all of the unobvious ways that lighting will make life easier or better--bulbs such as the Drift Light help us get much better sleep, or even the Sense Light that turns itself on at dusk and off at sunrise--and we make them quite simple to use.

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