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Top Legend Kings Brands

B.T. Narro

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B T (Brian Thoele) Narro was born in 1985, in San Francisco, California, where he resides. He enjoys elaborate stories with surprises, humor, romance, but above all, greatly developed characters and worlds which are so real they appear to reside on once the publication is finished. That is what he strives for a writer.

Brian's passion for fantasy started in middle school. He had a great deal of inspiring teachers, among which had been his first sixth grade English teacher, Rick Riordan (long before he was famous), who loved to enthrall his pupils by telling Greek truths in memory.

By sophomore year in college, Brian had finished his initial full-length novel. Although immensely proud of it for a while, Brian afterwards realized it was almost complete crap. Years after graduating with his bachelor's degree in creative writing, he continued to scribble down scenes in hopes of one day finishing a better version of the story he wanted to inform, meanwhile working Client Support in a free-to-play video game producer.

An injury to his hands left him unable to utilize them for more than turning on the television, therefore running a mouse and keyboard eight hours every day was completely out of the question. Between retrieval exercises and visits to many physicians, Brian used voice recognition applications to start writing seriously again, which functioned as a cure to his painful boredom along with a nod to his even more painful injury. Workers comp finally ran out, and his hands hadn't improved much. Living with his parents, also suffering from an accident that seemed as if it could be permanent, his mood was morose in the best. However, his novel, Bastial Energy, has been nearly done. He printed it and had been overjoyed at the result of over a thousand purchases at the first month.

Now Brian is a full-time aut

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Ben Gillman

Ben Gillman has been a writer in Los Angeles. During his career, he's worked with and heard from writers and performers from "Saturday Night Live," "Mad TV," "Adult Swim," and even the cult-hit "Fernwood 2Night".

He became interested with Arthurian legend if he was a kid and "First Knight" (starring Sean Connery as King Arthur) became the very first movie he ever saw twice in a movie theatre. In college, Ben obtained a degree in English Literature and engrossed himself with classic Arthurian interpretations like "Le Morte d'Arthur" and "The Once and Future King."

Beyond this, Ben has always been a sucker for fantasy storytelling. His favorite novel is William Goldman's "The Princess Bride," and he's also a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, along with J.K. Rowling. (Note: Upon writing that previous sentence, Ben thinks he should probably lower his first name down to initials).

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Gerald Morris

Gerald Morris grew up in Singapore, where his parents were Baptist missionaries. Singapore has been a place to develop, and he remembers that time together with nostalgia. (Ditto for being Baptist, actually.) Since reaching adulthood, he has worked as a ministry, a religion professor, a landscaper, and a teacher, all to encourage his predilection for writing children's books. Or possibly the composing income supports his ministry dependence.

He lives in Wausau, Wisconsin with his wife and three children. (Okay, one's in school and yet another's going to proceed.) There he serves as associate pastor at the First United Methodist Church, writes children's and YA novels (mostly about King Arthur), and still occasionally scapes land.

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