The Best Lesbian Romance Books For Kindle - July 2020

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Carmen Lace

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Carmen Lace is a love author dwelling in the Pacific Northwest. It's correct, it will rain a lot in the Pacific Northwest, but that gives her the atmosphere write her tales and to become imaginative. A quiet rainy night by the fireplace with her personal computer is the ideal setting for her. When she isn't busy writing, she loves travel escaping in a book, and enjoying life with loved ones and friends.

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Giselle Fox

I love letting my imagination run wild and sitting down with a fantastic book. Better yet is bringing their love affairs and characters . Giselle Fox is a pen name - because being a mom and a business woman in a neighborhood needs a bit of discretion.
I like to take traditional romance novel themes and spin them with powerful and complicated female characters, hot sex and a fantastic plot.
You may find me at or on Twitter @gisellefoxbooks
A BIG THANK YOU for checking out my work. I hope you enjoy them and if you do, then please make a review.

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MJ Duncan

MJ Duncan traded her surfboard when she transferred from Southern California to Minnesota. When she's not busy composing fluffy stories about lady-loving girls, MJ enjoys swimming, readingpool, climbing, and spending some time with her loved ones. You might also follow MJ on Twitter (@mj_duncan) and also tumblr (mjduncan).

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