The Best Lesbian Romance Fiction - July 2020

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Top Lesbian Romance Fiction Brands

S. B. Sheeran

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S. B. Sheeran is a writer of contemporary lesbian love.
Since early youth, Sheeran considers that adding value to someone else’s lifestyle is one of the most essential things you can do with your life.
She started writing books in order to serve others. Her duty is to empower and change individuals' lives.
Inside her free time, she loves exercising, reading, hiking and meeting new people.
She travels around the planet with her fiancée.

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Everly James

Everly James writes enthusiastic and fun lesbian romance. She grew up loving all love stories and one day set out to create her very own. She is a fan of rainy days with hot cherry in 1 hand and a pile of library books at the other.

She's found composing in her little office in the Texas Hill Country, her dog by her side.

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Giselle Fox

I love letting my imagination run wild and sitting down with a fantastic book. Better yet is bringing their love affairs and characters . Giselle Fox is a pen name - because being a mom and a business woman in a neighborhood needs a bit of discretion.
I like to take traditional romance novel themes and spin them with powerful and complicated female characters, hot sex and a fantastic plot.
You may find me at or on Twitter @gisellefoxbooks
A BIG THANK YOU for checking out my work. I hope you enjoy them and if you do, then please make a review.

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Jea Hawkins

Jea Hawkins writes lesbian romance that is spicy and pleasant. One day if love conquers all, then she prefer to believe her heroines can rule the world. A west coast transplant into the Midwest, she likes to write about women and preferences that feel like home.

Personal addictions include fall, cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, along with the Sims 3. #x2019 & she;s an enthusiastic reader and gamer, and hopes readers don’t mind a couple of geeky references there and here .

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MJ Duncan

MJ Duncan traded her surfboard when she transferred from Southern California to Minnesota. When she's not busy composing fluffy stories about lady-loving girls, MJ enjoys swimming, readingpool, climbing, and spending some time with her loved ones. You might also follow MJ on Twitter (@mj_duncan) and also tumblr (mjduncan).

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Robin Roseau

A writer by avocation, Robin has a renaissance interest in many locations. A tiny gypsy, Robin has predicted a few areas home and has traveled widely. A love of the outdoors, critters in general and experimenting with partner, Robin and world festivals talk about their house although it is difficult to identify who's whom.

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