The Best Lesbian Romance Novels - October 2020

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Crazy Geek Girl Novella Contemporary product image


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Ask Tell J Noyes product image


Far World We Know Lesbian ebook product image


Gravity Between Us Kristen Zimmer product image


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Lesbian Romance Daughter S Sheeran ebook product image


Road You Lesbian Romance Novel product image


Keeper Dawn Dianna Gunn ebook product image


Sleepwalking Lesbian Romance Novella Awakened ebook product image


Awakened Lesbian Romance Cara Malone ebook product image

Top Lesbian Romance Novels Brands

S. B. Sheeran

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S. B. Sheeran is a writer of contemporary lesbian love.
Since early youth, Sheeran considers that adding value to someone else’s lifestyle is one of the most essential things you can do with your life.
She started writing books in order to serve others. Her duty is to empower and change individuals' lives.
Inside her free time, she loves exercising, reading, hiking and meeting new people.
She travels around the planet with her fiancée.

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Carmen Lace

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Carmen Lace is a love author dwelling in the Pacific Northwest. It's correct, it will rain a lot in the Pacific Northwest, but that gives her the atmosphere write her tales and to become imaginative. A quiet rainy night by the fireplace with her personal computer is the ideal setting for her. When she isn't busy writing, she loves travel escaping in a book, and enjoying life with loved ones and friends.

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Mia Archer


My name's Mia and I'm a author of love books that have a theme to them. I really hope you have as much fun reading my books as I do writing them!

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Diane Marina

Diane Marina lives in the US. She is the author of several short stories, as well as a full-length novel, How Still My Love.

If not writing, she spends time reading, hiking, running, and traveling. When she's not traveling, she is dreaming of each.

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Lise Gold

Lise Gold is a emerging author of lesbian fiction. ‘Lily’#x2019 s & Fire &;s debut novel, is a manifestation of the author’s look at life. Her attitude, enthusiasm for enjoy and traveling for feel good stories shape the heartland of her composing. Please don't hesitate to connect to stay informed about potential releases and don’!

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Eliza Andrews

I commandeered the name of an ancestor as soon as I started thinking of a pen name to write fiction containing lesbian protagonists. Eliza Frances Andrews has been a southern belle who lived through the Civil War because the daughter of a farm owner that is prominent. She botanist, and -- get this -- turned into a novelist, essayist.

Borrowing her name is marginally tongue-in-cheek; Eliza was a hardcore racist and I can only imagine what she would need to mention about LGBTQ folks. That really is actually my reimagining of Eliza, hence -- an Eliza 2.0, a GenX / Millenial variant who grew up after women's lib and the Civil Rights movement and Stonewall. Perchance a 21st-century Eliza would grin at me and say, "Right on." Maybe the 19th-century Eliza is currently rolling in her grave -- call it justice, if she is.


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PS, I also compose young adult science fiction / fantasy under the name R. A. Marshall (another borrowed name). LGBTQ readers may like the Lost Children trilogy.

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E.J. Noyes

E. J. Noyes lives in Queensland, Australia where she enjoys complaining about the warmth, and exploring beaches and woods. She intimidates her love of writing at each week, acquiring a hobby caring for horses and sitting in her work desk.
E. J. finds it bizarre to talk about herself in third person.

Watch out for her second Bella novel, '' ‘Turbulence’ due after in 2017.

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