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Steve Pavilanis

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I Believe I am a lot like you...

You see, I am not a doctor, psychologist or psychologist. I am just a man from the Midwest whose lifestyle was once a struggle against anxiety attacks and extreme anxiety. I fought with my very own thoughtsfeelings and anxieties I could drop my mind in any given moment and control of myself.

Like many of the thousands of countless U.S. who suffer with debilitating stress (and a lot more worldwide), I felt utterly lost and hopeless at times. For many years I turned by alcohol, and physicians who prescribed only about each medication available on the market. I felt that the medication numbed me both emotionally and physically, and worst of all - I was having anxiety attacks and still anxious! There must be another solution to conquer anxiety.

My Private Journey towards Freedom

I spent years studying every book I can find on the topic of anxiety attacks, anxiety and psychology. I experimented with various remedies and mental-conditioning exercises, and explored various spiritual and religious approaches to life in the hopes of finding. I was decided to fix my stress problems without using conventional talk therapy or any prescription drug.

The tricky part about anxiety in all of its forms is that we create it inside our minds. But if we make it - which means we could get rid of it. This is easier said than done, and it literally took me years to determine how to do this. However, you can learn from my mistakes and utilize this book for a road map to receive your life back in order.

Everything I implemented and applied to my own life has completely changed me forever. I'm free of my social stress pro along with panic attacks

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Max Lucado

In only under two years of writing, Max Lucado has achieved more than many writers hope for in a life. The majority of his novels have appeared about one or two more best seller lists, including those printed from the "New York Times," "USA Today," "Publishers Weekly," and the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). Aside from hardcover books, Lucado's writings also have been released as children's books, videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, music CDs, bulk paperback booklets, clothing, giftware, bookmarks, calendars, research Bibles, workbooks, curricula, along with plush products. In spring 2003, Hallmark/Dayspring Cards established a brand new gift card line comprising excerpts from Lucado's writings--and has already sold more than one million cards.

All of this achievement has drawn over a little attention to a formerly non Texas writer and ministry. Lucado has been featured in a diverse assortment of media, such as "USA Today," "Larry King Live," and "NBC Nightly News." He has spoken at the National Prayer Breakfast prior to the President of the USA. He's traveled with internationally famous musicians as a particular speaker on their music excursions, like the highly effective "Come Together & Worship Tour" (sponsored by Chevrolet) using Grammy Award-winning artists Michael W. Smith and Third Day.

Journey to the Best
Lucado was created in 1955 in San Angelo, Texas, and increased in Andrews, Texas, the youngest of four children. His dad was a Exxon oil area mechanic who, Lucado remembers, always smelled of dirt cleaner. "This makes it easy for me to observe a God who's loving and kind--as my father was," he says. His mum was a nurse that grew up working in the cotton fields.

Lucado went through a period of rebellion from his parents' values and their God through his teens and in school. But it wasn't long before he fo

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