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Escolite Flashlight Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector product image


LiceGuard robicomb RobiComb Lice Zapping Comb product image


Nit Free Terminator Professional Stainless product image


LOFTEK Ultraviolet Flashlight Handheld Blacklight product image


Flashlight Vansky Ultraviolet Blacklight Eliminator product image


Licefreee Complete Treatment Maintenance Professional product image


Octivetech V6 Electronic Lice Pearl product image


Flashlight Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector Eliminator product image


Plant Therapy Essential Undiluted Therapeutic product image

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We love digital gadgets and accessories, and we all truly believe that technology can greatly improve our life. With years of experience in marketing and distributing consumer electronic equipment, we pride ourselves to knowing what clients want and how to meet their requirement. We are committed to providing you high quality goods at factory direct prices, jointly with first-class client services.  

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Fairy Tales

Naturally Caring for Families since 1999. It's what Fairy Tales is all about. We are pleased to be the makers of the major  line of professional hair care for kids - providing cheap, high quality, natural goods.   Children's hair can be problematic -- head lice, swimmer's hair, knotty tops and unruly locks -- Fairy Tales Hair Care supplies the solution, providing products parents NEED - to get all of life's hair raising experiences.  

We partner with school nurses, pediatricians and mothers around the nation providing education, advice and products to help alleviate pests outbreaks. Should an outbreak occur, We Provide the only natural lice removal treatment clinically proven to eliminate lice and their nits without dangerous chemicals or pesticides.     Our Lice Good-Bye even works on the "super squirrels"

Fairy Tales thoughtfully sources safe, natural and gentle alternatives to synthetic ingredients.   Obviously caring for your families, our formulas are almost always free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, toxins, paraben and sulfates.   And...with the rising concern about children's allergies, we are now soy, gluten, dairy, and nut-free!

And we are here to listen to and answer any questions. Calls and emails are replied within hours -- not days! We like to hear from our clients. Let us know what your household wants so we can best support you every day!

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