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Light Fire Swedish FireSteel Emergency product image


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Light my Fire

In Light My Fire, we are focused on premium-quality outside products which contain layout, color and functionality.

In 1996, we introduced the magnesium fire-starter that was designed and used by the Swedish Army. Not merely is the Swedish FireSteel a fantastic product in itself, it also comes with an unbeatable mix using Light My Fire TinderSticks.

The MealKit was designed by Joachim Nordwall and presented to the marketplace in 2005. A pair with five smart, practical bits - everything that you need to eat outside in a civilized manner. But one element of this MealKit attracted a lot more attention than the remainder, and we realized that we had a star on on our hands...the Spork.

Fans deliver us appreciate letters and pictures of the Spork's experiences. Now the Spork household has grown with Spork XM, Spork Little, Spork Large and Spork Titanium. More than 14 million Sporks have been sold in 50 countries. And this is just the start...

We create exceptional, low-tech, superior quality exterior products with the layout, colour and function which make them equally as attractive to use in town as in the wild.

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