The Best Line Mixer - February 2020

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Behringer MX400 BEHRINGER MICROMIX product image


Behringer Ultralink Ultra Flexible 8 Channel Splitter product image


ammoon MX400 Ultra compact Channels Adapter product image


Mackie Mix Mix5 5 Channel Mixer product image


RMX 6 channel Rackmount Microphone controls product image


Samson Technologies SM10 Line Mixer product image


Rolls MX51S Four Channel Stereo Mixer product image


DI4 Active Channel Direct Mixer product image


Rolls MX28 MINI MIX Three Channel Stereo product image


LOOP MIXER Portable Channels Stereo product image

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Since 1989 Mackie has been a proven leader in professional sound solutions having a history of technological invention, driven to make products that...well, that all sounds pretty boring, but it's not. We create really cool professional audio gear such as loudspeakers, mixers, recording materials and much more. We have established game-changing products during our history such as the SRM450, HR Series Studio Monitors, Analog 8-Bus, d8B, the VLZ line...the list continues on and on. Does this description, actually. Let's just end it here by saying that we adore making audio gear for people exactly like you. Check out what we have to offer you!

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BEHRINGER is a world-leading manufacturer for professional audio equipment. The Company was founded in 1989 and revolutionized the entire industry by providing formerly high-priced expert gear at customer costs, establishing a new "Prosumer" or home recording market. BEHRINGER delivers a comprehensive product range covering numerous product categories such as loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, powered tractors, computer-based recording and DJ goods, radios, headphones, wireless systems, musical instruments and professional lighting methods. As stated by the US magazine "music Trades''' 2008 report, BEHRINGER rankings number 14 one of the world's biggest pro audio businesses.

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