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Tiesta Tea

Launched in 2010, Tiesta Tea found flavorful and functional blends that help you energize, slenderize, remain youthful, boost immunity and relax. These five acts help you to stay loose. Living Loose is living fearlessly with a feeling of experience and enthusiasm. It is taking a minute to maintain the present time. Living Loose is going to be free to be you and not sweat the little stuff. Living loose isn't nearly tea. It's about community. It is all about accepting, inspiring, and assisting each other. It is about improving every day's adventures and enhancing the world around us. Locate your flavors and functions that allow you to dwell loose.

  • ENERGIZER: The Energizer Blends include black and maté teas, that help you deal with fatigue, giving you a mental and physical boost.
  • SLENDERIZER: Your Slenderizer Blends include green and green tea that suppress your appetite and enhance your metabolism, helping you keep a wholesome weight.
  • ETERNITY: The Eternity Blends include white, green, and herbal teas having plenty of superfruits and antioxidants to help the body deal with the consequences of aging.
  • IMMUNITY: The Immunity Blends include rooibos and herbal teas, which help you recuperate by ridding your body with a number of minerals and vitamins.
  • RELAXER: The Relaxer Blends contain herbal and rooibos teas with numerous ingredients which make relaxing consequences for the body and head.

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