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Dr Dan Foss

Dr. Dan Foss graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 2003. His outlook on nutrition, health, and exercise has assisted tens of thousands of people not just get well but stay for a life. His aim as a Chiropractor is to help empower and educate individuals to understand so that they can make the best decisions regarding their wellness and well-being, how the human body works. Over the last 13 years he's practiced Chiropractic and also the last 7 years has owned and operated a centre based in San Antonio, Pura Vida Chiropractic, Texas. If not practicing he's husband, a father, coach, mentor, and also amateur endurance athlete.

Soy un holístico médico entrenado que se ha centrado en el ayuno intermitente, dietas cetogénicas, LCHF, entrenamiento con pesas, y deportes de resistencia durante los últimos 20 años. He descubierto cómo combinando el ayuno intermitente con una dieta cetogénica me ha llevado por un camino de adaptación a las grasas de peso, y una increíble energía y. Dale a un hombre un pez le puede dar de comer por un día. Enseña a un hombre a pescar de comer para toda la vida.

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Maria Cook

Maria Cook and husband Ben Collins settled at the Hudson Valley in 1972, with the aim of breeding game birds and developing grapes. This dream led to the now mythical Chef of a renowned Restaurant, that became highly awarded, such as the Restaurant of the Year award in 1991 and 1994 and again 2001-2003.

Together with the earnings of this restaurant in 2005, Maria had been opened the Export Kitchen at Maine. Her profession includes food, farming production together with television food and presenting writing. Maria’so look on The Cook & the Chef educated her place among America's most well-known food personalities, along with her line of products one of the most highly esteemed for Western gourmets.

Two enormous highlights were being chosen as Old American of the Year. Maria was also thrilled to be appointed a Member of the Order of American for her service to tourism and hospitality at 2012. On September 2012, Maria was totally thrilled to receive a Doctor of Business honoris causa in Columbia University at the Faculty of Human Sciences and Faculty of Business and Economics.

Her many appearances on television include MasterChef, putting new ratings records to the episodes she included in. The Lifestyle Channel featured Maggie with a Christmas Special dedicated to seasonal menus and celebration.

Maria is pushed with a great food existence for all, and all that it encompasses. Included in the philosophy, she is proud to be the American Ambassador for the terrific Kitchen Garden Foundation, whose motivational programme could truly change lives.

Maria's expectation for each and every American to have a fantastic food existence, with the hope of encouraging everyone (young, old and in between!) To delight in quality, seasonal cooking every day.

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Johnny Markus

Johnny MARKUS done everything from fitness coach to consulting as side projects, he have put hundreds of records over the years. They’re the kind of guys who would be incredibly debilitating to run into in a dark alley, even though

they’re nearly all gentle giants who adore their households. They’re slim, mean training machines, and their physiques are absolutely mindblowing.
Johnny is an extremely sucessful trainer. He is the founder of Johnny includes a Master of Science Degree in Exercise and Wellness. He is licensed as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports

Medicine. He is also a 4x best selling fitness author.

Johnny has been analyzing nutrition and exercise because he was 16 years older. He has had the opportunity to work with power lifting competitors, celibrity, college athletes, and cancer survivors, and the list continues.

Johnny is well notorious for taking a science and logical backed approach to fitness and nutrition. He combines behavioral psychology with exercise physiology to create truly unique and incredibly effective programs. His subscribers and friends state

he is more genuine and helpful than those that they have ever understood.

Johnny now resides in Las Vegas with his wife and two sons.

It is possible to get in contact with Johnny on his website or Facebook He is available to answer any of your questions and help you achieve your health and fitness related objectives. He likes to hear from All his subscribers

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Dr. Michael Ericsson

Michael Ericsson is the author about nutrition, dieting and fitness. He's very interested in various kinds of also the effect and diets about enhancing the health of people that they have. Writing and his recipes focus on the wellness you require and kitchen hacks that will not only provide you the amount you dream of, but in addition healthful dishes.

Michael has assisted thousands of individuals reach their health and fitness targets, and that he shares what he knows in their novels.

Michael lives in New York and on his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his dog Maximus, swimming, snowboarding, reading novels and obviously - cooking.

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Stuart McRobert

Stuart's books are tailor-made for you personally, if you want bodybuilding success.

He has written five main novels on physique transformation, along with three additional works. He edited bodybuilding journal for 15 years and 89 problems. And he's had about 700 articles printed in newsstand bodybuilding magazines, and many articles.

Throughout the majority of his childhood Stuart was obsessed with bodybuilding. Recuperate, all he wanted was to train, and read muscle magazines and books. In order to dedicate himself as much as he possibly can, he cut himself off. And he really gave his pound of flesh in the fitness center.

But that level of devotion was not successful since it wasn't properly implemented.

The reason why Stuart made poor progress during the majority of his youth was because he did not know how to train correctly. He sleep and did eat.

In almost all situations, those who have trouble building muscle are just not training and recuperating properly.

Stuart had wanted to be a professional bodybuilder, however it was an unattainable goal because his heredity didn't provide him with the capacity to develop huge muscles, and he wasn't willing to carry bodybuilding drugs. However, the lessons he eventually learned enabled him to construct about 45 pounds of muscle, change his body, and deadlift 400 pounds for some 20 reps -- drug-free, and with normal genetics.

After he began a publishing firm, in 1989, Stuart needed to provide the education that he wish he'd had access to if he was in his youth.

He has amassed a great deal of experience and understanding, which he's put into a string of publications to educate you how you can transform your own body.

Whenever It's a Lot Easier to locate training information today than it was when Stuart was still young, it is not easy for many bodybuilders to ide

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