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Michael Bowles

Dr. Michael Bowles (Mike) holds bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering, an ScD in instrumentation and an MBA. He has worked in academia, technology and business. Mike currently works with startup companies where system learning is essential to success. He functions within this management group, a consultant or adviser. In addition, he teaches machine learning courses at a co-working space Hacker Dojo and startup incubator Mountain View, CA.

Mike was born in Oklahoma and took his bachelor's and master's degrees there, then went to Cambridge for ScD and C. Stark Draper Chair at MIT after graduation. Mike left Boston to concentrate on communications satellites in Hughes Aircraft firm in Southern California and then after completing an MBA at UCLA transferred to take roles as founder and CEO of two startups.

Mike remains actively involved in technical and startup-related work. Recent projects include the use of machine learning from automated trading, predicting biological effects on the basis of genetic information, natural language processing for site optimization, forecasting patient results from demograpic and laboratory data and due diligence function on companies in the machine learning and big data stadium. Mike can be reached through

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Jeff Duntemann

I am a writer, editor, technologist and contrarian residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. Although I've worked as a developer, I've been in the publishing business (both specialized magazines and books) as 1985. I co-founded Coriolis Group Books in 1989, and was a pioneer in technology publisher Paraglyph Press out of its founding in 2002 till its closing in 2009. Most of my own book-length work was on computer engineering. (See JEFF DUNTEMANN'S WI-FI GUIDE, ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE STEP BY STEP, also DEGUNKING EMAIL, SPAM, AND VIRUSES, in Addition to many more titles now out of print.)

Within my loose moments I'm an amateur radio operator (currently K7JPD), amateur astronomer, and SF author. My very first SF book, THE CUNNING BLOOD, was first printed in November 2005 (and is now on KDP Select) but I have been selling SF stories to magazines and anthologies for 40 years, and was about the final Hugo Awards ballot at 1981. As time permits I construct and fly kites and gadget-hack with Meccano/Erector components and radio tubes.

In addition to technology and science, I'm interested in psychology, history, theology, and "weirdness," all of that feed the story machine at the back part of my head. My wife Carol and I met in high school and have been married for over 40 years. We are living in Scottsdale with four bichon frise dogs.

There's more about me on my sites: (my site) (tech jobs) and, which is a quick index to all that I've published online.

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