The Best Marine Diesel Engine Oil - October 2023

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Shell ROTELLA 10W 30 Synthetic Engine product image


Best Value
Amarine Made 12V 60W Oil Change Pump Extractor Oil Diesel Fluid Pump Extractor Scavenge Oil product image


HONGNAL 80w Oil Change Pump Extractor Electric 12v for Boat Car Lawn Mower 12V Oil Extractor product image


Top Choice
Rotella T1 30 CF CF 2 Motor Diesel Oil 1 Gallon Pack of 1 product image


Yctze Oil Extractor Pump 12V 250L Hour Marine Boat Oil Diesel Change Pump Transmission Fluid product image


Best Seller
Oil Change Pump Extractor 12v 60w Oil Extractor Pump Oil Pump Extractor Diesel Fluid Scavenge product image


Rotella 550045126 3PK Triple Protection 15W 40 product image


Valvoline Premium Blue SAE 15W 40 Diesel Engine Oil 1 GA product image


Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend 10W 30 Diesel Engine Oil 1 Gallon Case of 3 product image


Delo 400 SDE SAE 15W 40 Motor Oil 1 Quart Bottle product image

Top Marine Diesel Engine Oil Brands


Jabsco is a global leading manufacture of products for your leisure marine marketplace including water methodsearch engine cooling pumps, searchlights and marine waste methods. Jabsco also provides industrial pumps for sterile applications, fluid transport from chemical processing, lab, paint processing, plating, and construction.

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150 years ago Dr. John Ellis developed a petroleum-based lubricant for steam engines, and ever since, the company he began has worked to repeatedly innovate and bring only the highest quality engine oils, solvents and cleaners to market. It's due to this legacy and dedication to innovation that people have reliable Valvolineā„¢  products in their cars, in the Model T to today's latest versions. To find out more about Valvoline's legacy, visit today.

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Delo signifies durability, which means long equipment life and years of dependable service. Get the best value from your investment. Safeguard it with Delo for operation.

Delo signifies reliability. For individuals who have changed to Delo which means longer drain intervals and lower operating costs. Maximize your drain periods, reduce costs and lower maintenance time. Maintain your vehicles and equipment at work with Delo.

Delo means efficacy. Increased fuel efficiency without sacrificing engine security. Increase carbon emissions and fuel economy. Switch to a Delo fuel economy product and save.

Delo means company. We've got you covered with a complete line of lubricants, transmission fluids and coolants to shield nearly each moving part of your gear and vehicle. All backed by our Warranty -- at no additional cost. You are well shielded.  

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Shell Rotella T

Shell Rotella is proud to announce a switch to our hardworking portfolio of heavy duty diesel engine oils. We wanted to create the Shell Rotella formula. And we all did.

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