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Massage Track

Until we devised the Body Track, then there wasn't any massage tool which could provide you the customization and flexibility everyone needs for self massage. All of us need require different amounts of pressure, different pressures at different times and in various areas -- and that's precisely what you can do with our instrument. Fancy words aside, it only works, so meet with with with your new massage therapist! The Body Track functions great together with our Deep Tissue Massage Balls but may work to baseballs, hockey, lacrosse or your own tennis.

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Trigger Point Performance

TriggerPoint™ enables people to achieve an optimal degree of movement by supplying the world's finest curative self maintenance products and education. TriggerPoint™ promotes Myofascial Compression™ Techniques for anyone who wants to keep an active way of life. Our aim is to empower people to manage their particular therapeutic maintenance.

Find Out More. Move Better.

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