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Kylie Ansett

After installed without electricity, running water and lots of hours in the stores Kylie Ansett knows a thing or two around ‘roughing it’. At the time books along with a colorful imagination were her sole source of entertainment – both writing them and reading them, and that she learned the strength of the word.

Her other passion is teaching; whether it's how to begin and run a natural therapy business (her 1st publication: Bodyworker’s Success Blueprint) or the way to look and feel younger (her 2nd novel: 10 Years Younger), or how to compose a novel (her current online class).

After both Kylie’s novels became #1 Amazon best vendors, she now teaches others the art and science of powerful publication launching in – a step by step masterclass to guide you through the jungle of self-publishing.

These times she living ‘both the large life’ at Sydney, Australia (which most certainly contains a flushing toilet), where she enjoys the most exhilarating, tenuous and always stimulating life of an entrepreneur: composing, coaching, training and producing.

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Eric Brown

Eric Brown has been involved as a massage therapist, practice owner and instructor in the massage profession for over 26 years. He popularized chair massage at Canada and has been a co-founder of Care Therapy Radio and World Massage Seminar. Eric has assisted tens of thousands of therapists throughout the world enhance their massage practices through BodyworkBiz where he's introduced therapists to advertising and marketing techniques to cultivate their practices.

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Jessica Abegg

Jessica Abegg is the founder of Practice Attraction, that helps practitioners that are holistic and heart-centric business owners flourish in the work.

With more than ten years of personal practice as a massage therapist and yoga specialist, she knows the intricacies of starting a holistic company from scratch. She has coached several small business owners throughout businesses in their paths.

An itinerant gypsy having an insatiable passion for studying holistic wellness, Jessica has lived in and traveled into more 30 countries to study, live and experience out various cultural approaches to healing and health.

Jessica serves on the board to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and received MBA and MS in international business from the University of Colorado.

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Visit Amazon's Sabrina Tonneson Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Sabrina Tonneson,

Sabrina Tonneson is a proven Massage Therapist with over 20 decades of experience practicing an assortment of accepted massage techniques that encourage better health and well-being.
After the entrepreneurial footprints of her parents Sabrina began her career owning and managing her own companies. She continues to have success as a company owner, author and facilitator.
So much so her expertise and expertise is sought after by companies and individuals trying to increase their operations and marketing and advertising strategies. Sabrina also shares her insight for effective massage advertising on and her popular massage advertising YouTube station.
For a mom of two wonderful children, Sabrina loves spending quality time with her family, taking care of their cats and investigating the globe on her frequent travels.

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Molly Kurland

I am passionate about helping people.

During my career as a massage therapist and a hypnotherapist I have helped people feel better mentally and physically. Whether it's releasing someone or a muscle let go of the loop that's driving them crazy, there's nothing sweeter than that grateful grin they have when their session is complete.

Together with my novel "Successful Strokes" I am pouring that fire into assisting other massage therapists obtain their clinics rolling! Massage is a terrific career and I happy to find that it's gone from an alternative practice to a . I was the sole massage therapist in the city with her own office when I began my career in the late 70's. I said, "Mark my words, in 25 years there's likely to be one on every street corner." And that's pretty much true.

I hope this book will inspire a whole lot of people to choose their massage clinic to another level. My newly updated edition has the accession of three lovely interviews with a massage therapist who is also an acupuncturist a massage teacher: individuals who give great perspectives on assembling a private practice and also a business coach who specializes in dealing together with solo practitioners.

Please see my website where I've been writing regarding self-care, which can be critical for men and women in the business of helping others. Also check out my Site or Powerful Strokes Massage Novel on Facebook. Remarks are welcomed by me.

Molly Kurland

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Jennifer L Anderson

Locally understands as "the purple-haired massage woman", I'm a passionate proprietor of a massage clinic, wellness and massage educator, writer, meditation musician and avid learner. My love of education in addition to teaching have prompted me to share what I could in my own novels, with all the hopes of helping others grow in their company and on their travel.

From the massage area, I have administered neighborhood Facebook groups concentrated on assisting massage and other healthcare professionals succeed. I have become the company guest speaker also been in my local massage therapy colleges around app advisory boards. I've always felt the practice's growth can only assist in the development of our very own businesses. I am happy to share what I understand with publishing of the Maximizing Massage Profits series & #x2026 and whomever I can.

In the wellness field I teach classes in my office, such as meditation and self massage courses. I also have meditation albums available on Amazon.

In the home I am a mom of 2 teenagers (and 1 pit bull), spouse of my very best buddy, passionate writer (I usually have three books I'm reading at any given moment), crochet beginner and home-front organizer. As a family we spend most of our time laughing learning and traveling when we can get time involving way to a lot of activities. In my home and my profession, I couldn't be happier.

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