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Aaron Hammond

Aaron Hammond writes with a passion for cannabis and its health advantages. He publishes under the wings of HMPL to change the availability of most of all, important and detailed, recent information.

Aaron's books are an essential read to both the normal Joe interested in marijuana for personal reasons and acute health care users. Aaron goes further than these folks; as a respected consultant in the field of health and nutrition and a part of the cannabis industry, Aaron sets the tone for responsible and healthy use of marijuana. With his wife Eva Hammond, he's eager to extend the right advice and advice to individuals busy in the cannabis community and people outside. Aaron is a contributor to a better tomorrow, raising the stigma marijuana.

After chasing a Ph.D. in food science and nutrition, Aaron graduated from the University of Wageningen back in 1999. His interest shifted towards the elements of the plant, with his passion for cannabis beginning as a stoner life. Through assorted and learning research he came to understand the enormous potential bud has as a medicine. Aaron started analyzing its origin of use and cannabis . Aaron connected with other activists with coffee shops and the cannabis culture neighborhood encompassing him. Aaron is with paving the road towards international legalization involved. He keeps in contact with the universe researching cannabis' medical uses and helps people understand what benefits marijuana has to offer.

In 2017, Aaron combined forces with HMPL Publishing and together with his dear spouse, Aaron presents pertinent and digestible info on marijuana as a whole; subjects such as CBD, cannabis development, preparing extracts and cooking together with THC or CBD-infused berry. The year 2017 additionally marks the need f

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Jean Anderson

Winner of six best-cookbook awards and also a member of the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame, JEAN ANDERSON is among America's most trusted cookbook writers, a careful researcher and painstaking recipe-tester. She also credits her Cornell food chemistry classes plus years from the New York test kitchens of THE LADIES' HOME JOURNAL for educating her the absolute requirement of recipes that function.

In addition to writing cookbooks, Anderson writes food and travel pieces for leading American magazines and newspapers, one of these BON APPÉTIT, FAMILY CIRCLE, FOOD & WINE, the late, lamented GOURMET, MORE, THE NEW YORK TIMES, and also TRAVEL & LEISURE.

Called the 'RECIPE DOC' because she loves nothing better than diagnosing and solving cooking issues, Anderson has been for many years the "red telephone" both at GOURMET along with THE FOOD NETWORK. Got a recipe prob? Click on and Anderson will perform her very best to solve it.

Photo from Rudy Muller.

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