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The Panasonic brand name was made in 1955. It is a mixture of those phrases, "Pan", and "Sonic", audio and has a sense of bringing audio our Company creates to the world. Since 2008, it's used as the corporate brand representing the Business, products and services. Panasonic is committed to creating a better lifestyle and a better universe, constantly leading to the evolution of society and to the happiness of people around the world.

Panasonic has created over 100 Million Air Conditioning Units worldwide since 1955. Panasonic has developed a Global Brand which functions over 100 nations in all climate zones across the world. Panasonic Heating and Cooling Units are designed to provide year-round comfort and provide optimum performance.  

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IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia is the most popular leader in mobile music production apps and accessories, so turning your smartphone and tablet into professional-grade music creation tools.     Whether you're a guitarist, singer, keyboard player, DJ, or producer, IK has the gear you want to unleash your imagination anywhere, any time.

Never attempted making music using your mobile device?     IK makes it Simple to Begin, with attachments for every budget and style.     And all of our accessories pair with free versions of those programs, available on the App Store and Google Play, in Addition to dozens of 3rd party programs.     So you're able to end up and running instantly and easily.

If you've already joined the mobile music revolution, then check out our HD and PRO lines - that they deliver remarkable sound quality and features at a remarkably low cost.     Plus they are compatible with Mac and PCs, letting you seamlessly transition from working in the street, back to your house studio.

Check out IK Multimedia's best-sellers and new releases over!

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Apogee Electronics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of digital audio hardware systems and related accessories for audio professionals and musicians around the Globe.  

Apogee was founded in 1985 and originally made its name designing filters that solved several of the early problems associated with digital audio. Later, Apogee's total conversion systems forced the envelope of electronic sound quality and recognized Apogee as a key innovator in the field of professional digital audio.

Nowadays, Apogee converters and sound ports are regarded as the benchmark standard in the sound market. Products like  Symphony I/O, Big Ben, bothEnsemble and Duet  all have set the standard by which digital music recording equipment is judged. With its most recent goods  JAM and MiC, designed especially for Apple's iPad, iPhone and GarageBand software, Apogee has been in the forefront of documenting technologies. Apogee's mission is to build products that offer ultimate audio quality, innovative design and unparalleled value to all music creators from the aspiring artist to the discerning audio professional.

Apogee goods are made in the U.S.A. 

Our long standing commitment to producing all Apogee goods in the U.S.A. has remained essential to our mission. For nearly 3 years, Apogee was designing and engineering products in Santa Monica, California. Building products in the U.S. allows us to better communicate with our production partners, respond quickly to technological progress, and maintain a higher standard of quality. We are proud that our mission and products support the U.S. market, create local jobs and add to the nation's infrastructure.

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