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Jumbo Smoothie Straws Assorted Colors product image


Jumbo Smoothie Straws Assorted Colors product image


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Assorted Colors Straws Drinking Smoothies product image


Extra Wide Reusable Smoothie Straws product image


ALINK Plastic Bubble Smoothie Milkshakes product image


Stainless Milkshake Hiware Smoothies Milkshakes product image


Pack Biodegradable Paper Smoothie Straws product image


Smoothie Colorful Disposable Wide mouthed Diameter product image


Smoothie Straws Biodegradable Assorted Colors product image


Pcs Reusable Smoothie Straws Milkshake product image

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CrystalWare is a    producer, which has earned a leading reputation in the industry as a dependable and dependable source of quality FoodService disposable and dependable consumer products for supermarkets and industrial use.

It's A Commitment To Quality That Inspires Our Entire Company.

CrystalWare is the leading importer and producer of its kind of disposable and non invasive goods. Redistributors are proud to take the CrystalWare line of brands; therefore they understand QC clinics at CrystalWare are amongst the highest in the market. They've begun to expect that just the finest products get to the market under the CrystalWare brands.

By aggressively chasing cost-cutting measures, passing it on to our customer's we've successfully earned the confidence of the largest distributors and wholesalers in the USA. Using the wisdom gained from our extensive workforce and business partners at the U.S. and throughout Asia, we're constantly expanding as we seek to further expand our product line with our brands to meet our global customers' business needs.

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