The Best Minecraft Free On Kindle - February 2023

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Best Value
Minecraft Diary Zombie Hunter Player ebook product image


Game on Boys 2 Minecraft Madness A hilarious action adventure for children with illustrations product image


Diary Minecraft Enderman Ninja Unofficial ebook product image


GAME ON BOYS Minecraft Superhero Game on Boys Series Book 4 product image


My Mum is a Loser The Barry Loser Series product image


Diary Minecraft Skeleton Steve Years ebook product image


Diary Minecraft Teenage Zombie Villager ebook product image


Diary Minecraft Creeper King BOX ebook product image


My Dad is a Loser The Barry Loser Series product image


Best Seller
Diary of Jack the Kid A Minecraft LitRPG Season 1 Episode 4 Book 4 Unofficial Minecraft Books product image

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Skeleton Steve

I’m Skeleton Steve, Author of *epic* unofficial Minecraft books.

Thanks for checking out my author page!

My tales aren’t a average Minecraft junkfood for your mind. I work hard to look excellent plots and complex personalities to take you for a roller coaster ride inside their shoes! Er … claws. Monster feet, maybe?

All of my stories composed by (just) I're designed for all ages—sort of enjoy the Harry Potter series—plus they’re twisting journeys of epic experience! For much more lighthearted, take a look at my “Fan Series” novels, which are collaborations between myself and my fans.

Smart kids will enjoy these books! Teenagers and nerdy grown-ups are going to have fantastic time relating with the figures and the stories, getting swept up in the struggles of, say, a novice Enderman ninja (Elias), along with the youthful and naïve creeper tribe (Cth’ka), and even a chicken who refuses to become a stunt knight’s conflict steed!

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- News when I print a new book

This’s my own site:

make certain to stay informed about my books whenever I publish something new! If you want to learn when new books come out, sign up for your own mailing list and the Skeleton Steve Club. It’s free!

I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, along with Youtube—proceed to for links.

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