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Venture Pal Shoulder Crossbody Lightweight product image


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Angel Cola Lightweight Protection Adjustable product image


VITORIAS GIFT Crossover Adjustable Necklace product image


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Travel Money Belt Technology Anti Theft product image


California Costumes British Redcoat Costume product image


Lifeunion Underarm Shoulder Anti theft Cross body product image


Ultra Belly Holster Concealed TACTICAL product image


Money Belt Travel Wallet Blocking product image


Genuine Stamped Pendant Necklace ASSORTED product image


Heavy Superior Strength Extra Luggage product image

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When you exercise, you do not always need to proceed faster or more difficult to find the best results.   To achieve your fitness goals you merely need to follow your heart and train at the perfect intensity. Using a Polar heart rate monitor while exercising is the most precise method to measure and increase your fitness.   It gives motivational dimensions including calories burned and time in zone which can allow you to stick to your workout program. The guidance and real-time comments provided with a Polar heart rate monitor eliminates the guesswork from your fitness regimen and will help keep you motivated on the way.

During exercise there are specific intensity or target zones, each with a benefit.     These zones are based on a percentage of your maximum heart rate - that a variety automatically calculated by most Polar heart rate monitors.     While exercising you can use your maximum heart rate to calculate and follow the recommended zones below.     Exercising in the ideal zone will help you keep on track to reach your goals.

  • Zone 1 "Very Light":  Enhances overall health and helps recovery.  
  • Zone 2 "moderate":  Improves fundamental endurance and fat burning.  
  • Zone 3 "Moderate": Improves aerobic fitnesscenter.
  • Zone 4: "Hard": Increases maximum performance capacity.
  • Zone 5 "Maximum": Develops optimum performance and speed.

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