The Best Mosquito Repellent Hanging - July 2020

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Flowtron BK 15D Electronic Insect Coverage product image


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Imanom Scented Burning Citronella Aromatherapy product image


Flexzion Powered Electronic Mosquito Portable product image


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Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Refills Waterproof product image


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Hot Shot

You are the head of their household. The guardian of all. If it comes to your loved ones, you're hot, compassionate and nurturing. But when they need protecting, you're cool, calculating and effective. That's why Hot Shot Insecticides will be the weapon of choice, giving you the clear advantage within your walls and in the checkout point. When creepy bugs try to pass, save the evening with Sexy Shot Insecticides.

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People are obviously enticing to mosquitoes -- that our own body warmth, the lactic acid we emit when we perspire as well as the carbon dioxide we exhale attracts mosquitoes. Insect repellents are chemicals designed to discourage mosquitoes from turning on, climbing biting or on skin.  

Private mosquito repellents come in many forms, including lotions, aerosol sprays, and wipes, also contain active ingredients such as DEET and Picaridin. They may be applied directly to skin or to clothing. See instructions for use.

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