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Questions Couples Thought Provoking Conversation Connecting product image


How Move Your Boyfriend Break product image


Winning the War in Your Mind Change Your Thinking Change Your Life product image


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Loving A Photographic History of Men in Love 1850s 1950s 5 CONTINENTS ED product image


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Moving in Stereo product image


Some Black Girls Don t Sit Together in the Cafeteria product image


2021 New Home New Adventures New Memories Keychain Housewarming Gift for New Homeowners New product image


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Clanlands Whisky Warfare and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other product image


Text Me On Tuesday All is Fair in Love and Texting An Accidentally in Love Story Book 1 product image


Hidden in Berlin A Holocaust Memoir product image

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Marcus Kusi

Thanks for seeing with my author page.

I'm a committed husband, ardent dad, and love spending time with my family. I enjoy cooking, watching/playing sports, reading, and helping individuals achieve their goals in life.

With my awesome wife (Ashley), we help newlyweds adapt to married life and inspire married couples to become better wives and husbands.

Additionally, we co-host the First Year Marriage Show podcast on iTunes.

Ashley and I have been dedicated to living a joyful marriage with equality and living a peaceful lifestyle because 2010.

We made this commitment because each day brings us new challenges and opportunities.

And by developing a strong foundation for our marriage, we are able to have a healthy, happy, and fulfilling union.

It didn't happen overnight. However, with constant daily hard work and intentionality, we got there and are able to continue working together on the marriage we need.

We work together daily and put our marriage first, making sacrifices as required.

It doesn't mean we have a perfect union, as we are human and, thus, imperfect.

We discuss our shortcomings and lessons learned within our practical, easy to browse, and relatable novels, which means you can construct the marriage you would like.

And expect each publication will inspire and transform your union.

That said, have a look at our books today.

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