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Stephen Cosgrove

Stephen Cosgrove has been a self-starter.

"When I can not get somebody to get it done the way that I am aware that it should be completed, I usually do it myself. There is no glory in being a one-man band, but if you would like to dancing and there is not any music, you best pull out your kazoo and start humming." In if he couldn't find a publisher to do his books how he pictured them 1974, Serendipity Press was found by him and turned into author, writer, sales supervisor, and after 4 years sold two million copies.

In 1978 he merged his fledgling publishing firm with P/S/S and focused his efforts as a writer. For the next decade he composed over hundreds of other value-based dream stories and 70 Serendipity novels.

Stephen was born and raised in the Northwest (both Washington and Idaho). He attended college, after graduating from Borah High School in Boise, Idaho and although he had a passion for storytelling and writing he had held hope that a profession would ensue.

In 1973 while working as a vice-president of a leasing company he attempted to buy his own newborn daughter, Jennifer, a book. What he was searching for is a narrative that included a subtle message of some kind. What he discovered was a multitude of hardcover novels that had little of this material that he looked for. He got out his 'kazoo' and also wrote his first stories. Teaming with a Seattle-born illustrator, Robin James, Stephen went on to create Wheedle on the Needle: The Dream Tree four titles which became the foundation of the Serendipity series, and the Muffin Dragon. Stephen designed the novels for fabrication as initial paperback novels, "'books people are able to afford to purchase.' The publications were sent into a New York writer and the publisher immediately responded that they wished to publish the books. Although, balk in the of an original, cheap paperback, of notion they did. The New Y

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