The Best Mystery Detective Series - November 2020

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Top Mystery Detective Series Brands

A.J. Stewart

A.J. Stewart wrote advertising backup for Fortune 500 companies and tech start-ups for 20 decades, until his head nearly exploded from all the tales bursting to get out. Stiff Arm Steal was his book, but the very first to turn it.

He's lived and worked in Australia, Japan, UK, Norway, and South Africa, as well as San Francisco, Connecticut and naturally Florida. He currently resides in Los Angeles along with his wife his two favorite men and women and young child.

AJ is working in a screenplay that he never plans to produce, but it also gives him something to talk about in parties at LA..

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Karen Charlton

Hello, and thank you for seeing my Amazon Page. I'm a writer of mysteries, Karen Charlton. I compose crime fiction, set in Regency England.

My Detective Lavender Mysteries, published by Thomas & Mercer, would be the literary experiences of Stephen Lavender, that had been a real-life Principal Officer using the Bow Street Police Office at London.

By the early 19th century, Principal officers had a selection of different and important roles though they were still nicknamed 'Bow Street Runners' as if they had been messenger boys. Apart from supporting their colleagues resolve crime in the funding, they were sent out to help magistrates in the provinces with difficult cases. They also participate in undercover work in periods of insurrection, by way of example, throughout the Luddite riots from the Midlands and were available to engage by wealthy landowners.

They were Britain's earliest private detectives and have been famous throughout London. They were the sole policemen permitted into Buckingham House (the forerunner of the palace) and also did security work for the Bank of England. On certain occasions, they were even sent overseas to help with crimes and offenders who had spilled out within our borders onto the united states.

Through my study, I've come across heaps of the instances reported in the papers of the time. They are often used by me as the foundation for the novels' plots. I am currently writing the fourth book in this series: 'Plague Pits & River Bones.' Additionally, There Are two Detective Lavender Short Stories to compliment the string: 'The Mystery of these Skelton Diamonds' and also 'The Piccadilly Pickpocket.'

'Acquiring the Eagle', my first publication, is the true story of the infamous ancestor, Jamie Charlton, who had been detained in 1810 of Northumberland's largest prosecution. To describe my late husband and I found this gaol-bird within our family tree, I composed my nonfiction geneal

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Gabriel Farago

From the Blue Danube to the Blue Mountains; a author’s travel

As a lawyer with a passion for history and archaeology, Gabriel had to wait for several years before having the ability to pursue another passion—writing—in earnest. But, his love of storytelling and books started long before that.

‘I recall as a young boy reading biographies and history books using a torch under the mattress covers,’ he examines, ‘and then composing stories about archaeologists and explorers the following day, rather than doing homework. Whilst I regularly got into trouble with this, I think we could just do well in our endeavours when we are enthusiastic about what we love; because of me, writing has become a fire. ’

Produced in Budapest, Gabriel climbed up in post-War Europe, and after fleeing Hungary together with his parents throughout the Revolution 56, he went to college in Austria before arriving in Australia as a teen. This enabled him to develop into multi-lingual and sense ‘in house’ in different countries and diverse cultures. Shaped by a very long legal career and experiences spanning several decades and continents, he's an adult voice which speaks in many tongues.
Gabriel holds degrees in literature and law, speaks several languages also requires research and authenticity very badly. Inquisitive by nature, he analyzed Egyptology and learned to read the hieroglyphs. He travels extensively and visits each one of the places mentioned in his novels.

‘I attempt to weave fact and fiction into a seamless story,’ he explains. ‘From blurring the boundaries between both, the reader is not quite sure where one ends, and the other begins. This is obviously very deliberate as it creates the illusion of credibility and truth in a job that's pure fiction. An effective work of fiction is really a balancing act: fact need to rub shoulders with imagination in a w

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Carrie Bedford

A British ex-pat, Carrie was born and raised in England, where she was employed in the tech industry before moving to California. Over the past thirty decades, she has published articles in engineering and business journals, served as editor for a magazine publisher, and more recently co-owned and handled a Silicon Valley public relations company. She now resides on the central California coast with her American husband, and their beautiful daughters, two yellow labradors and a calico kitty.

Her novels include The Aura and Double Blind, the first two books in the Kate Benedict Paranormal Mystery series, also Nobilissima, set in Ancient Rome.

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