The Best New Adult - October 2020

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Beautiful Pleasure Lucia Jordan ebook product image


Forget Me Not K S Thomas ebook product image


Up Grabs Heather Young Nichols ebook product image


Seven Days Boss Penny Wylder ebook product image


Best Seller
Hate Forbidden Bodyguards Ainsley Booth ebook product image


Goes Ashley Claudy ebook product image


Boy Used Love Skin Novel ebook product image


Too Deep Freshman Roommates Book ebook product image


Emerge Evolve S Hall product image


Auctioned Mia Ford ebook product image

Top New Adult Brands

Penny Wylder

A USA Today Bestselling author and #1 Amazon bestselling writer, Penny Wylder writes what you would expect-- wild romances. Happily Ever Afters are always better when they are a little dirty, so if you're looking for a page turner that will cause you to feel gloomy in all the perfect areas, jump right in and leave your panties in the doorway!

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Heather Young Nichols

Heather Young-Nichols is a native of this very cold and great state of Michigan and contemporary romance author and a multi-published YA. She's better known at home and to her friends as the Snarker-in-Chief, a project she excels at beyond anything she could have imagined. She enjoys matters, but particularly coffee, novels that are hot, and even baseball. But not necessarily in this order.

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Ashley Claudy

New Adult Author. Mother. Wife. Teacher. Proud UMD Terp. Perpetual pupil. Imagination fueled by coffee. Occasional runner. Book junkie, night. Daytime dreamer.

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Alison Ryan

Alison Ryan is a romance writer who lives together with her husband and husband at a kind of paradise. She enjoys books about love, watching decent, and too Bravo bourbon. Not necessarily in that order.

Inside her former life she has been all of the above: a vegas limousine driver, an insurance adjuster, an American Idol reject, a repo girl, and a graveyard front desk clerk in a dilapidated motel in the beaches of the Redneck Riviera. (Panama City Beach) Her 20's have been a fun, but tiring time.

She's quite pleased to be quite dull in her 30's.

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K.S. Thomas

Mommy of a single.
Drinker of all #coffee (lots and a great deal of coffee).
#Writer of #bookboyfriends and #happyeverafters.

The stereotypical writer through and through, I discover hiding out alone in my own office, cut off from society where I can pursue my obsessive compulsions in serenity & carry on intimate discussions with my imaginary friends while I sip coffee, to be all the rage.

I like people too.
The actual ones.
But I am shy and frequently awkward, so I don't show up it.
If we meet - please don't hold this against me personally.

These days, life is now a good stream of amazing craziness compliments of my child. When weusing a shout off around Parmesan cheese or're not giggling ourselves to sleep, we binge seeing Once Upon a Time and arguing about who had been better - Neal or Hook. It Hook. Besides. Neal is lifeless. So I win.

There. That covers the basics.

Non - too:

Internet people-ling is my favourite - let's be sociable!

Twitter: @AuthorKSThomas

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