The Best New Fiction Novels - October 2020

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DUPLICITY compelling Scottish murder mystery product image


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Earls New Identity Regency Renegades ebook product image


Ship Dreams Digital Romance Fiction ebook product image


New World Frontier Fantasy Novel product image


New Beginnings Coffee Club heartwarming ebook product image


Golem Cypher T R I X B V Bayly ebook product image


Kids Hinton High Novel Book ebook product image


SHE gripping serial detective thriller ebook product image


Red Coat Korowai Zealand Trilogy ebook product image


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DEAD HILL featuring Detective Inspector ebook product image

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Elaine LeClaire

Elaine LeClaire grew up seeing the classic pirate films "Captain Blood," "The Crimson Pirate," and also "Swashbuckler." Stewart Granger's fabulous swordplay in the historic adventure "Scaramouche" began Elaine's lifelong fondness for stereotypical bad boys who are good with a blade.

Writing became the very natural means to play out all the crazy adventures of her fantasies.

Elaine lives in a beautiful city on the California coast. In the summer the combination of styles and tourist exchange offers loads of both coffeehouse eavesdropping and inspiration. She can frequently be seen down watching the sailboats and yachts, and trading arenas with the handsome fellows who crew them.

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Cari Lynn

Cari Lynn is a journalist and has written several books of nonfiction, including BECOMING MS. BURTON together with Susan Burton, which was featured on THE DAILY SHOW, NPR's FRESH AIR, and has been called "stunning" in The New York Times; THE WHISTLEBLOWER together with Kathryn Bolkovac; along with LEG THE SPREAD, which has been showcased everywhere in O, THE OPRAH MAGAZINE to the ECONOMIST. Cari forayed with the historical book place in New Orleans. She has written feature articles for many publications and has taught both college and graduate students. She retains an M.A. in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland. A Chicagoan, she is currently living in Los Angeles.

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Jasmine Ashford

“There's not anything so mortifying as to fall in love with somebody who doesn't share one's sentiments. ” - Georgette Heyer, Venetia

Whenever Jasmine is feeling down, she finds solace with this quote. It was Ms. Georgette Heyer which inspires her to the world of the Regency and Victorian.

Jasmine chose the pen and the rest is now history for her. Back in Jasmine’s stories, you will see how characters that are so complex are actually simple beings waiting to become connected with the Cupid’therefore arrow.

It's simply one of the numerous ways that love can reveal itself?

Jasmine expects that you will find love, solace, and peace in her stories. When she isn't writing, she is loving her cherished time with her loved ones along with her loyal Siberian Husky.

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Dave Hayward

Now in his seventies, Dave Hayward was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. He joined the military and was a corporal controlling a section of Infantry on operations at the jungle during the ‘Emergency’. His first publication, Point of the Spear, is based on that experience.

Dave stayed a soldier for thirty-three years and saw active service again in Borneo during Indonesia’s ‘Confrontation’ with Malaysia and, for a third time, in South Vietnam. This latter experience is that the basis of the second novel.

One reviewer has described Dave’s books as ‘faction’.

With a lifelong interest in history, particularly that the amazing exploits of Britain’s ‘Redcoats’, Dave next turned his focus to the British Army’s participation in the New Zealand Wars. Korowai and Redcoat was his first book set in these tumultuous times, War was The Rangatira finished a trilogy and the second.

After a life packed full of adventure and action, Dave has eventually settled in Feilding, a lovely rural city in the North Island of New Zealand. He now has the opportunity to dedicate himself to his fire – writing historical fiction.
When not off on 4WD treks, bike paths, wine trails, military reunions or family occasions, that is.

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Pete Brassett

Following a career spanning thirty years since a creative within the design business, including stints in Paris, London and New York, Pete gave up it to allow his abundant imagination the opportunity to run riot across the page rather than
Drawing originally on his adventures overseas he soon focused his efforts on matters somewhat closer to home, in and around his native Scotland, weaving intricate tales of murder and mayhem.
He's the writer of the bestselling crime fiction novels: 'Avarice' 'Enmity' and 'She' as well as 'The Girl Out Of Kilkenny'.
2016 witnessed the debut of the first work for the stage: 'The Gold of Boggerah' which performed to critical acclaim in London's Camden Town.

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