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Primal Pit Paste

When my grade school girl arrived home one day with a noticeable human odor, I was surprised because of her age. I believed she was one of the minority on this problem, but I found out the other parents had been discovering the identical problem happening, even as early as 2 decades of age! Then I made it my mission to discover a product that I believed was secure enough for my daughter to use.

I didn't need to put poisonous chemicals on my young child, however, I was unable to discover a natural solution that really worked.  
Then, whilst coaching for many racing events, (I'm a Certified CrossFit trainer and athlete) I noticed that the massive race sponsors were companies that promote and provide out samples of deodorant containing poisonous chemicals.

Considering all the info out there about the toxic chemicals in our daily diet, and the clear realization of epidermis patch engineering, it is apparent that what we place on our skin is as significant as what we consume. Parabens and aluminums in deodorant, specifically, are becoming increasingly suspect in relation to cancer (breast cancer more especially) and Alzheimer's research. We're finally actually being advised to attempt to avoid these chemicals as prevention. My concern turned to a primal energy to secure my daughter and offer the planet with a secure alternative to dangerous products. I turned that energy into research, which study into Primal Pit Glue. I believe that during Primal Pit Paste, I have succeeded in building a healthy, organic deodorant that actually works for all types of mothers, dads, children and athletes alike.

Primal Pit Paste's effectiveness is wonderful! The overwhelming reaction from friends, family and the customers in the local Tampa Bay neighborhood is what's pushed us so far! We hope you'll join us in our quest to spread Primal Pit Glue to as many pits as you can.

Go Primal! 

Amy Cazin, Founder and CEO

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