The Best Nootropic Coffee Cubes - October 2020

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CUBES Energy Chews Latte Flavors product image


Best Value
Jiva Pre Sweetened Colombian Classic 24 Cubes product image


Top Choice
Folgers Classic Ground Coffee Medium product image


Kimera Koffee Nootropic Infused Altitude product image


Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement product image


Best Seller
Death Wish Coffee Strongest Certified product image


Dry Brew Coffee Chews Patented product image


Wild Cocotropic Cognitive Enhancing Nootropic product image


CUBES Energy Assorted Coffee Flavors product image


Havasu Nutrition Strength Supplement Clarity product image

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HVMN (formerly Called Nootrobox)

As a set of biohackers, technologists, and researchers, we think life should be lived to its fullest capacity. That potential is analyzed and ultimately judged from the work we create. We have realized that the world around us is made by people no more intelligent than me or you, and we too may make a dent on the planet with what we could make.

When it has to do with our offerings, we still take exactly the same mindset. HVMN researches, develops, and manufactures nootropics and functional foods and beverages using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and 100% FDA generally considered as safe (GRAS) parts. This ensures products that are effective, accurate, and safe.

We're driving a number of the latest research using the top academic collaborators on the planet to better understand human cognition and biohacking. This expertise and information is utilised to constantly evolve and improve our offerings. Thus, our goods and formulations are at the forefront of the latest science and study.

Our aim is to earn nootropics for everyone. A brighter society is a society that is better, so let's construct and live in this future together.

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