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Sudipta Bardhan Quallen

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen never believed she'd grow up to be a writer. As a youngster, she thought of being a physician (but she is frightened of blood), a lawyer (but she doesn't like losing disagreements), a magician (but she's too awkward), a version (however she likes eating too much), a presidential candidate (but she had a dissolute youth), a UN ambassador (the debate losing thing again)... virtually everything but a writer.

Actually in 2001, Sudipta was well on her way to not being a writer. She had graduated in 1998 spent a year in Boston, and then had returned to Caltech as a PhD candidate in developmental biology. That is if she had her first child. The strategies of Sudipta didn't alter - she thought she would have a long maternity leave then return to grad school. Afterward, her daughter Brooklyn came along.

Using two small children, Sudipta found herself interested in mathematics because she had been at parenting. And she discovered that she had tales stories published. After having a half-dozen rejections, in 2003, Sudipta sold her first story to a children's magazine, Highlights for Children.

Utilizing her science background as a springboard, Sudipta began writing nonfiction for children, such as Championship Science Fair Projects, Last Minute Science Fair Projects, AIDS, and Autism. She branched out including biographies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt along with Jane Goodall, and Sudipta has written 18 nonfiction books for children.

Her first love, but was constantly picture books, therefore utilizing a centre with word play and also a love for animals (especially pigs), Sudipta worked on lots of manuscripts. Most of them have been rejected (she openly admitsthat when she started writing film books, they really stank!) .

Sudipta retained at it, and fittingly, he

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