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Teaming Nutrients Gardeners Optimizing Nutrition product image


Nordic Naturals Flora Digestive Enzymes product image


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Plant Nutrient Dynamics in Stressful Environments product image


Terpinator RZF10010 1L Fertilizer Nutrient 1 Quart 0 946 Liters Brown product image


Blue Planet Nutrients BlueMax 2 Part product image


Green Planet Nutrients MEDI ONE Nutrient product image


Best Seller
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Support Healthy product image


Jack s 321 Hydroponic Nutrients Fertilizer Plant Food 2 lb Kit product image


Mammoth P Microbes Bloom Enhancer Nutrient Increase Yield and Enhance Plant Health 120mL product image


Designs Health Homocysteine Vegetarian Capsules product image

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Jeff Lowenfels

1: Bio to Jeff Lowenfels

Jeff Lowenfels is co-author of "Teaming with Microbes, The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web" published by Timber Press in August 2006 to great acclaim and revised in 2011.

It won the Garden Writers of America Gold Award for gardening books and is regarded as the most important gardening book printed in the past 25 years. Its been translated into Korean and French and shortly Slovenian.

Jeff is also the author of "Teaming with Nutrients, The Organic Gardener's Guide to Optimizing Plant Nutrition" published by Timber Press in May, 2013. The short hand title is "how crops eat and exactly what to feed them" and it's guaranteed to make you enjoy the beauty of plants function in addition to make you a better gardener and steward of the planet.

Jeff is the Cal Ripken of North American Garden columnists. His column has run in the Anchorage Daily News for 36 decadeswithout missing one week for vacations. One of the most humorous and interesting lecturers about the circuit, Jeff can be a lawyer and the combo of garden writing and law have earned him the moniker of "America's Dirtiest Lawyer."

Jeff climbed up as an indentured slave in his parent's hobby farm at Scarsdale, New York. There he had been forced to plant, weed, mow, select fruits, flowers and vegetables on 8 acres replete with acre vegetable gardens, even a Versailles style formal flower garden, a 100 tree berry orchard and sufficient rhubarb to need to have it every day, all year until he went to college.

One day back in the early 70's, he had been held up and shot in Boston. Consequently he finished in Anchorage, Alaska and ran as far off as he could go with no passport where he managed to translate his childhood into a pleasurable and meaningful hobby and also has practiced law.

Jeff hosted among Alaska public televisions many Well-known displays "

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