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Alba Botanica

We create organic, 100% vegetarian personal care products which do amazing for you as well as your buddies: people, animals + world. This means we DON'T utilize parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.


The Alba Botanica assignment will be to Do Beautiful. We provide natural, 100% vegetarian medical care products that do amazing for you, your buddies and the creatures and Earth you adore. We provide a full assortment of goods packed with potent natural, botanical ingredients that are formulated to nourish the individualized needs of your skin and hair.

Because the Alba Botanica brand is committed to the wellbeing and happiness of all pet friends, we never test our products, or even the components that go into them, on animals. We recognize the necessity to become good stewards of all natural resources. We try to perform amazing by reducing our environmental influence in everything we do as a business, from the field to the last product.


Our products contain natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredient choices which are 100% vegetarian. We make best use of ingredients from our wonderful Earth's plant sources...from rich vegetable and nut oils to pure plant blossom to herbal extracts and pure essential oils.

Our products contain no meat or by-products of animal killing. In addition, we reject all cruelly obtained animal ingredients, even if an animal isn't killed. We limit our use of animal products to components that are naturally created by and don't have any potential use to the creature such as beeswax.

Alba Botanica products have been formulated without: parabens, phthalates, artificial colours, propylene glycol, aluminum, mineral oil, petrolatum, oxybenzone, PABA, nano-particles, DEA, MEA or TEA, PEGs and PEG derivatives, and ethoxylated ingredients related to 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde donors.

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Ideal is a part of the ALEX Brands family of products and has been setting the standard for games and toys for over 100 decades. From strategy board games, to antique building toys, for outdoor activities, there's something to challenge everyone. Ideal products are an enjoyable way to develop problem-solving, societal, and logical skills. Ideal is a member of this ALEX Brands household of merchandise.

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Todd Tomlinson

Todd Tomlinson is an experienced IT executive with 34 decades of experience spanning continents and technologies. He is a former Senior Director of EBusiness Strategy for Oracle Corporation, Senior Manager with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Practice Director for IBM, Vice President for Claremont Technology Group, co-Founder-Vice President-and CTO of Emerald Solutions, Senior Managing Partner for CNF Ventures. Todd is now the Vice President of Government Services for ServerLogic Corporation. Todd's enthusiasm for the internet began in 1987 when he worked for the National Science Foundation at Carnegie-Mellon University at Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center) - and expanded when he helped Netscape Communication deploy their own host platforms around the world in 1995-1996. He began with Drupal as a mechanism to instruct website designing and development for a university, where he had been the area seat and faculty member at the School of Information and Business Technology. He has helped a number of the worlds biggest organizations refocus their business.

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Alexander Dawson

Alexander Dawson is a award winning, self-taught, freelance web professional, author, published writer and recreational software programmer from Brighton (UK). With over 10 years of industry experience he spends his days operating his consultancy company (HiTechy), writing professionally about web layout and devoting his free time to assist others within the specialty.

In the last few decades, Alexander has become a recognized web writer providing articles for a few of the industry's many admired sites including Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions and SitePoint (where he regularly helps others throughout their favorite forums). Furthermore, as a member of the Guild of Accessible Web Designers he actively promotes and advocates the benefits of a fantastic user-experience and internet standards. When Alexander is not coding or writing about development and design, he enjoys a game of tennis (or boxing) and seeing films.

Twitter: @AlexDawsonUK

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