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Meditation Buddhist Obsidian Gemstone Bracelet
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Tibetan Meditation Buddhist Mala Beads Using 108 Actual Black Obsidian Healing Stones, Tiger Eye and Tibetan Prayer Bead

The Obsidian & Gold Tiger Eye necklace / necklaceis Meant to heal and protect the wearer. It's a spacer every 27 beads to help keep count of your Mantra plus 108 beads.

Obsidianis really a natural, purple glass. It's powerful metaphysical properties that help protect the wearer. Introspection is promoted by the quality of the rock. In crystal therapy, Obsidian is beneficial for digestion that is balancing and for improving circulation. It provides calm and draws on strain and tension out of the body. Obsidian can give insight into the main cause of these problems or diseases.

Gold Tiger Eye is a powerful stone that helps release anxiety and anxiety and promotes harmony and balance, unclouding feelings and assisting in clear choice making. It's known to give one courage, self assurance and strength of will.

Nepal Prayer Beadis well known to bring good fortune and luck.

He powerful blend of Obsidian, Gold Tiger Eye and the Nepal Prayer Bead will encourage a state of harmony and equilibrium; a ideal aid to improving meditation and good fortune.

Due to Mala & Significance of 108 Styles 
The number 108 has long been considered a sacred amount in Hinduism. T See more

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