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Inflated Stability Cushion Including Exercise
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Balance Disc Programs
The Bintiva equilibrium disk is an important strengthening tool that may be used by teenagers and children. The easy action of sitting on the disk activates core abdominal and trunk muscles. Flexor and extensor muscles operate in tandem to maintain your balance on the disc whilst always strengthening and toning. Through these little, continuous motions which you're making, heavy core muscles are constantly stimulated and improved. It is however, not intended for sitting just. You may literally stand, kneel, and do a number of exercises on it, thereby increasing the advantages of these exercise routines.

The disc may also be utilized as a textured seat cushion for children that have difficulty sitting still. The disk allows them to wiggle and move around while staying seated. Educators and parents alike report good success with these to help calm children who have a hard time sitting still; they've understood that, for many anxious kids, these "wiggly" couch cushions have a calming influence.

Balance cushions are also recommended by many caregivers for when it's required to sit for long intervals, such as lengthy vehicle, and airplane rides. The disc provides an ergonomic seating foundation to relieve pressure from the back and spine.

Like most of Bintiva products, our disks are backed with a 100% manufacturers warranty.

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