Polycarbonate (PC) Sheet, Transparent Clear, Standard Tolerance, ASTM D 3935,1/4" Thickness, 24" Width, 48" Length - Read Reviews and Compare



Polycarbonate Sheet Transparent Standard Tolerance
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The translucent clear polycarbonate sheet has a normal tolerance and satisfies American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D3935 specifications. Polycarbonate (PC) is a durable plastic which preserves its toughness, dimensional stability, and outstanding impact resistance in a vast assortment of temperatures. Usually, the material keeps its electrical insulating properties and resists creep into extreme temperatures and humid environments.

Vinyl identifies a set of synthetic or semi-synthetic substances that were engineered to attain specific properties. The most notable features of plastics are the reduced fat, machinability, corrosion resistance, and generally great thermal and electrical insulating properties. Certain plastic grades also supply optical transparency similar to glass, low-friction or self-lubricating surfaces, and also exceptional impact resistance. Depending on their properties, certain plastic grades may be used as alternatives to metal, glass, and ceramic. Unlike plastic, metal may experience creep, and which is deformation caused by longtime exposure to a continuous load.

Tensile strength, employed to signify the substance’therefore general potency, is the summit stress it can withstand before it breaks. Corrosion resistance refers to the material's capacity to avoid deterioration caused by air, moisture, or other medium. Wear resistance signals the capability to stop surface damage brought on by contact with other surfaces. Toughness explains the material's capacity to absorb energy prior to breaking, whilst hardness (commonly quantified as indentation hardness) explains its resistance to permanent surface deformation. Impact resistance is that the measure of a material’therefore capacity to absorb a shock of energy before breaking.

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