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AmScope B120C Magnification Illumination Double Layer
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The AmScope B120C compound binocular microscope contains pairs of 10x widefield along with 25x widefield eyepieces, a forward-facing nosepiece with four DIN achromatic objectives, Brightfield (BF) LED lighting, a 1.25 NA Abbe condenser, and a double-layer mechanical stage.The Siedentopf binocular mind has synonymous pairs of 10x widefield and 25x widefield eyepieces with 53 into 77mm Siedentopf inter-pupillary modification, a fixed 30-degree vertical inclination to reduce neck and eye strain, and a 360-degree spinning capability to provide a broader view and enable sharing. Individual differences that are eye-strength are accommodated by adjustment. The forward-facing nosepiece contains 4x, 10x, 40xS (spring), also 100xS (spring, oil) DIN achromatic objectives that combine together with the eyepieces to give color correction of magnified images at five magnifications. The objective is after working, spring loaded to prevent slide damage. Even the spring-loaded oil goal that is 100xS provides increased resolution on a typical objective. A compound microscope is employed for inspection and dissection of specimens after two-dimensional images are wanted.

The microscope has reduced (diascopic) Brightfield illumination which transmits light via the shredder for enhanced visibility of translucent and transparent objects. Brightfield (BF) lighting allows the specimen to absorb light, resulting in a dark picture on a light background. LED lighting offers bright, cool light for working with temperature-sensitive or live specimens. The 1.25 NA Abbe condenser can be adjusted to control the distance of the light from the stage and contains an iris diaphragm to improve the quantity of light illuminating the specimen. The double-layer mechanical point, together with 1mm stage branches, locks the slip into position and provides accurate slide manipulation along the X- and Y-axis allowing coordinates to be recorded, allowing the viewer to return to a specific location on the See more

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