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HailiCare Portable Frequency Therapy Machine
Category: Beauty & Personal Care

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What you MUST Understand before use:
1. You need to begin low until it's tolerated. You will need a cream foundation. It is based on static power, a Tesla theory.
2. You have to be careful to not wear touch or metal metal. No rings on fingers too. No Glasses on either.
3. You can not touch it too close to the base where the glass tube is attached. You mostly use the end of the glass.
4. This device is just 10W. A few are 20W and stronger.

What's High Frequency?

It's a germicidal and antibacterial effect, due to the ozone formation. It restricts sebaceous secretions, healing and drying pustular disease.
The generated warmth generates a calming, sedative effect, alleviating tension with exactly the identical skin advantages as Immediate High Frequency.
No hassle - No expensive surgery

How to Use?

1. Add the chosen glass electrode to the high frequency system; gently push in the electrode also it ought to only snap in to place.
2. Turn the high frequency system down to a zero level and then turn it on.
3. Hold the handle of this high frequency electrode from the palm that you normally work with and make contact with the electrode along with your finger before placing it on to your skin.
4. Place the electrode in your skin and remove your finger.
5. Increase the strength to a cozy setting and transfer the electrode in smallish circles round the skin to get a maximum of 5 minutes.
6. Put your finger back to the electrode and eliminate it from the skin.

Bundle Include:
1 X 9" Red Color High Frequency Plate Piece
1 X 6`' Mushroom Tube for large facial Locations
1 X 5.6`' Tongue Tube for little facial areas
1 X 5.4" Bend Tube for place Places
1 X 6.3" Comb Tube to Hair
1 X English Instructions Sheet

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#5 in puffy hair

#6 in red light therapy hair

#9 in facial hair removal light

#9 in high frequency facial machine

#10 in facial hair remover light

#11 in hair treatment machine